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E-commerce And Technological Trends [Infographic]

In the nearest future, the way we carry out commercial activities is bound to improve. Just as technological advancement brought us ecommerce, in the same vein, current technological trends are set to improve the electronic commercial transactions.

One such tech trend is “customized shopping experience.” According to this trend, shoppers are “attended” to, and they get to purchase products in line with their interests.

Customers have embraced this trend as studies show that 48% of them spend more when their shopping experience is personalized. Companies also benefit from this strategy. Reports indicate that companies who successfully handle personalization in ecommerce will have a 15% profit boost by 2020.

Businesses like have proven this fact. The online company delivered weather-sensitive personalization to its virtual audience and made a €5 million increase in revenue.

At Home in the Country, another virtual enterprise, showcased product recommendations beneath any selected product. It experienced an increase in profit by 13%.

Tech trends  that revamp the ecommerce industry are always an interesting topic. According to Laurice Wardini, and the infographic crafted by the team behind Subscriptionly, drone delivery might be the next big thing in the ecommerce industry.

As you’ll see in the infographic below, many ecommerce service subscribers enjoy multiple active subscriptions easily, whether it is to gain access to a service or for replenishment.

Needless to say, this has been profitable for subscription brands. Just in 2016, their revenue totaled $2.6 billion. MuseMonthly, an e-subscription brand, enjoyed a whopping 69% increase in gross income.

Another novel retail concept engineered via ecommerce is pop-up shops. Today, pop-up shops can be said to make up an e-industry on their own. Besides, they have become a favorite of many shopping lovers.

Retail specialists reported that pop-up shops alone are a staggering $8 billion market. As it happens, fashion seasons and trends do influence shopping activities in pop-up shops, as 61% of shoppers list seasonal products as the primary reason to shop at such stores.

It is remarkable the way tech development benefits both sides – retailer and buyer. The buyers enjoy fast, enhanced, and seamless services, while the service providers experience notable increases in their ROIs and brand awareness.

To see more exciting ways that tech trends will influence ecommerce, check out the infographic below.

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