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How to move your account to an account

Microsoft keeps doing a lot of time from time, due to which users sometimes feel confused. Today we are going to tell about such an update. Ever since Outlook has been launched some million users has converted Hotmail to outlook without changing their Hotmail ID. This Microsoft up gradation is very enjoying for use. has some different features for use according to your workspace. It’s very surprising that no need to create a new account for outlook use. You can use your Hotmail account email id for outlook. But some million users don’t know about upgrade their account from to If you are using Hotmail account and you want to upgrade your account in than it’s very easy. Now you can use your same email id for the Outlook. However this is very easy for the upgrade. But some users are very confuse so this topic is necessary for them.

No need to change Account Intact

When any user upgrades his account from Hotmail to outlook than no need to change any account’s intact. You have not need to change your email address. You can continue on with same email address. You can continue login with password, no need to change this. Your all device continue work including your smartphone. If you want to get your all email contact with new up gradation than no need to take any step for this. Your all data like folders, messages and rules will be same.

How to upgrade account

To login with is very easy if you have your account connection with, and than you have no need to create a new account with But you want to create a new account with outlook than no way to merge both accounts old with Hotmail and new with Outlook. Want to upgrade follow these steps:

  • Go to the
  • Login with your existing email account which already use at Hotmail, live and msn

Now you can enjoy with with your old Hotmail account. Because you can use your Hotmail Email account with, and

How to rename your account

  • First you have to log in at with your hotmail account.
  • After log in you have to click on “cog” option in the screen right side.
  • When you click on the “cog” you will see more mail setting.
  • After that you will find “Rename your email address”.
  • For rename your email address, you can search “manage your account” also because rename option for email will get the last in first column of manage your account.

How to switch back to

If you feel that outlook is not interesting like than you can switch back to with same process by applying the some following step.

  • Click on the “cog” in setting. This option appears in upper right side corner with the login option.
  • After click this option you will find “go back to Hotmail” or “Switch back to Hotmail”

When you click switch back to Hotmail, you face a new task of feedback like a question as please give us feedback why you decided to go back to

After this practice you can easily enjoy your account with a new look and smart way. Also you can use your old version with Hotmail. I hope this article will helpfully for users who want to upgrade their Hotmail email address with outlook. If you have any other question regarding this topic than you can ask your doubt as a comment forum. We will get happiness after solve your queries.


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