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5 Superb Hi-Tech Apps That Your Smartphone Should Have

A smartphone is something which is one of the most essential parts of our life. Nowadays, we can’t think of spending a single day without one. And that’s also a well-known fact that smartphones are much more than just talking to someone or exchanging text messages. Whether it is reserving your tickets, listening to some good music, bagging your weekly groceries, purchasing online designer clothing, ordering food and many other things, you’ve a smart app in your smartphone for every little job.

Moreover, the choices are many!! You can find a wide array of apps available in the google playstore. But, there are some which are worth downloading on your phone. So, I decided to put-together all the apps which I think are really helpful and my all-time favourites.

Here is the list:


As we are social beings, getting along with friends and spending sometime together over a lunch or dinner is something which we all enjoy. And if you want to plan those meet-ups perfectly then Rundavoo is there for you. It is an online phone app which helps you to schedule group outings with your friends. So, you can leave the planning part to this apt app and can only enjoy with your friends.


This app is very easy to use and one of the most trusted one. It is a professional social networking app which helps you the most to create your own brand, make connections, stay informed with all kinds of personalized news etc. You can download this app to make a strong professional network at your fingertips. This will even let you save your time as you don’t have to open your PC to access your linkedIn profile every-time you want to do that.

Cam Scanner

You might need to scan a document instantly while you’re at your office or home. For that, you don’t have to always walk up to the big scanner machine. You can rather use this to scan any document easily. It is a way too much quicker alternative compared to your home or office scanner.

It has many useful features like extremely useful interface, sharing and collaboration characteristics, text-recognition and ability of make a thorough search. So, it will obviously prove to be a stupendous daily go-to app.


We all are very well-versed with Gmail. But, do you know it has a quick and efficient app now? This app offers an intuitive, efficient and useful interface. You can get your emails instantly by the push notifications, read and respond to your conversations online and offline and manage your emails.

You can even use this app to manage a number of accounts ( even not the Gmail accounts), view various attachments and also save the same. The awesome android widget even allows you to create a new message with a single tap!


When you’re planning a trip, there are many things which boggle your mind starting from when to book the tickets, which hotel to opt for….and the list goes on. So, when you’ve these questions creating a hustle-bustle in your mind next time you should download this number one travel app.

With this you can very quickly find the right flight, the perfect hotel as well as a car to drive you there to that hotel. You can get the best deals in all the cases as it combs hundreds of travel sites in a flash. And that’s not the end, yep! You can even track your flight status with the app. So, when you’ve ‘Kayak’, your dream vacation is just a few clicks away!

So, just download these apps in your cellphone if you still don’t have anyone of these and make your life easier like never before. These apps will make your crazy busy life as a family-man or woman, an efficient employee or businessman and last but not the least an adventurous voyager just perfect.

To say the least, make your day to day experience more pleasurable with these apps!!

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