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How Do Live Casino Games Work?

You may be a fan of online casinos and enjoy trying your luck with the latest slot but many people give little thought to how the casino and their games actually work. Since 2009, the online gambling market has been steadily increasing every year with predictions showing that by 2020 it will be worth almost $60 billion.

Online casinos have taken over from the traditional bricks and mortar ones and since the more than 81% of those in the developed world use the internet the popularity of online casinos has grown as well.

Online Casino – Real Stakes

There are a number of different types of online casinos available to play in from Live Casino with real dealers, to downloadable and web-based ones all with their own unique features and benefits.

Web-based casinos are sites where you can use a browser to play games without the need to download the games software to your computer. The downside to this is that bandwidth is needed to display the animations and graphics.

In comparison, live casino with real dealers are run by a human in real-time and you can communicate directly with them via Live Chat. By making use of technology such as optical charter recognition, you can play in this online casino in very much the same way you would play in a live one. Remote venues for betting in the UK are now drawing a gross yield of more than £4.7 billion, a figure that has overtaken land-based by more than £3 billion.

The main difference between live casino games and standard online ones is the way that you play with the game. Within standard online games, you’re only playing against software, which outputs animations. In these live games, the action is real and broadcasted to your device.

Standard online games rely on a random number generator (RNG) to determine their outcomes. With live casino games, you’re playing with the real wheel and cards that determine that outcome.

In order to experience first-hand the difference to standard casino games try out these live casino games.

Feeling Lucky

Regardless of the casino you are playing in, you can expect to see a range of bold and vibrant games that have been designed to delight and thrill. These software developers provide third party services to these casinos, with the option to brand their own game.

Compared to regular casino games such as slots and instant wins, Live Casino Games provide an immersive experience that allows players to participate in real-life casino games from a number of devices such as mobiles and desktops.

The Human Touch

Playing a Live Casino game such as Blackjack combines both physical actions and technology to provide you with an exciting game you can play from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The idea of the Live Casino is to simulate a ‘bricks and mortar’ one and this is achieved OCR technology as mentioned and this can be very costly to casinos and by comparison, using online casino games is much cheaper. However, the demand for this interactive dealer scenario has been proven with it being the second most popular after traditional slots.

Streaming Live Dealer games can also use up a lot of bandwidth as can downloading the casino’s mobile app by downloading a 10MB app, you could play approximately 10,000 hands of online poker so this can use a significant amount of data.

Live Dealer games are often compatible with mobile apps provides they have been optimised for use on a range of devices. However, if they utilise Flash technology then they will not work with Apple products and there has been a move in recent years to switch from Flash to HTML to circumvent this problem.

The big draw for many live casino players is that they can use traditional casino strategies in this arena. Strategies like card counting can be used against a live dealer, but they aren’t as effective against a random number generator.

Gambling with Technology

Aside from technology, a lot of equipment is needed by the casino in order to set up a successful Live Casino and this can take a lot of initial investment. They will need to employ croupiers, cameramen, a pit boss, an IT manager as well as an adjudicator and this is just for starters. Some casinos run their own television station and this requires a live studio, a server room as well as all of the technical equipment so this requires significant capital from the casino.

Once you are in the live casino lounge you can expect to play games such as:

  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Craps

The Future of Live Casinos

Whilst slots are a quick and easy way to play, Live Casinos offer a luxurious and decadent experience that you just can’t get unless you visit a ‘bricks and mortar’ casino and that is why they are incredibly popular. There is also the physical interaction between you and the dealer that appeals to some players. But what is the future of this type of gaming? Well, with advances in AR and virtual technology soon you could be provided with an online experience so real, it’s like you are there in person. Numerous casinos are aiming to be the first to bring this technology to its players, so it won’t be long before you could be fully immersed in a casino, from the comfort of home.

Live Casinos popularity is on the increase and with so many benefits such as;

  • Human Interaction
  • A wide range of Traditional Games
  • Incorporation of AR technology

It won’t be long before you get a completely realistic gaming experience without having to leave the house.

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