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What Should Your Database Look Like (From NoSQL to Not Only SQL)

Changes in Database

Database architecture has undergone a paradigm change due to major technological movements. Software development has grown eons and evolved in the past decade. There has been a surge in applications with larger database and a lot of them are web-based applications. The relational database used for a long time, utilized tables and did detailed designing of data schema for storage. NoSQL revolutionized this process and made it easier to work with larger databases. Now performance and scalability have replaced the old crude methods of data collection and storage.

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Global enterprises such as Google, Netflix and Amazon make use of NoSQL databases in order to generate greater revenue and serve a large number of users. Such huge companies make use of applications that are used by millions of customers and hence have to make use of storage system that serves their need. Database technology that is outdated cannot be utilized to run such application that has users all over the world. Keeping up with these changes is integral for everyone part of this industry. From application developers to big business owners and also students in this field, everyone has to have detailed knowledge of varied databases. Those attempting dissertation on this topic needs to stay updated about such developments. One can also look up database dissertation help in such a case to make use of the best services available.

From NoSQL to Not Only SQL

SQL databases are referred to as Relational Databases or RDBMS and NoSQL are non- relational database. They both differ in the way they are built and also in terms of their storage capabilities. While SQL is designed more like a phone book that holds all valid information in a structured form, NoSQL is more like a detailed document that holds complete information and not just a fraction of it. In case someone is handling massive amounts of data then NoSQL is obviously the more intelligent choice.

Structured Query Language was observed as a very rigid way of storing information and in order to make this programming language more suited to large data types, NoSQL was brought into use. Though recent developments lead to the scratching of the term NoSQL as technically there cannot be ‘no SQL’. The language is still the bedrock of designing database which is integral for all application. Even today it is still used as a popular choice for many notable software stacks.

Not Only SQL has brought in variety and options and unlike traditional SQL, it has a very different approach to relational storage. So, there is never a NoSQL but rather a Not Only SQL that can deal with the scale and agility of presently used application and their database. So, in the end, the terminology remains the same but it now encompasses a lot more rather than eliminating the use of SQL.

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Ways in which NoSQL can Impact Your Database

1. You function in the present century and so should your business

If you want your business to truly flourish, you cannot still rely on an archaic technology. SQL purely functions on the basis of placing data in tables and using key-value joins. In the present competitive scenario, one has to make use of NoSQL that can work more quickly and process data all the more faster. A business needs to have a high volume, variety, and velocity to truly be ahead and that is not possible using systems that cannot process a large number of and unstructured data.

2. NoSQL supports a variety of servers and clouds

With the growing amount of data, the methods to store it has also changed. There are virtual machines and cloud-based data storage which are in no way compatible with the traditional SQL. NoSQL databases are designed in such a way that they can scale horizontally. In lay man’s terminology, this means quick and easy distribution of data to a cluster of servers. This scalability makes it more suitable for the present business environment.

3. Better return on investment

If like global giant Netflix, you are trying to reach out to a large customer base then NoSQL is the most favorable choice. Where data performance or IT management is concerned, nothing supersedes NoSQL. Since this way of data storage is all the more useful and cost efficient, it is being adopted by many existing and emerging businesses. Many organizations that are making use of NoSQL technology have seen an increase in their ROI.

Though, in the long run, one can still anticipate a lot of changes as far as NoSQL is concerned. The market for this product is overly crowded as it is much in demand. A fine bit of refinement is needed in the technology so that the unwanted elements are scraped out and only high-end goods are retained. One thing does remain for sure and that is the way businesses have been impacted by this enhanced method of data storage and how it will open avenues for further growth.

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