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Best Amazon Affiliate Network Marketing Platforms for Business Review Sites

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing, in which, a person is paid a fixed amount of fee or commission, for the endorsement of a person’s/company’s product. Affiliate Marketing, has grown to become a huge industry, & has opened its doors to newer Marketing strategies. As a result, every firm, that has an online presence, receives endorsement, major or minor, of some kind, via affiliate marketing. Usually, people (Professional Bloggers) look out for networks of Affiliate marketing, for the purpose of selling them, a piece of your blog work, or to partner with them, for brand promotion. Some of the fields, which incorporate Affiliate marketing, as a marketing strategy, include fields like Forex, Finance and Dating etc.

Amazon Associates & Other Affiliate Marketers

Before we head on, let us take an example of an Affiliate Marketer, & observe, the prospects & the drawbacks that it has to yield & suffer respectively. For convenience, let’s pick ‘Amazon Associates’. Amazon Associates, a marketing subsidiary, under the $900 Billion+ valued Company Amazon, enjoys a quite significant margin of sellers, approximating close to 1.5 million, thereby becoming the largest affiliate marketing program. One of the major advantages that it has incorporated is its simplicity, with respect to usage. While a beginner will feel comfortable while using it, within the first few hours, a more experienced counterpart, can create tools & website, with the other advanced options, as APIs, made available to them.


1. Comfortable Use: Amazon’s Interface, is quite user friendly, with respect to both a beginner and a professional affiliate marketer.

2. Higher Flexibility: As Amazon caters to a huge population of the world, the online endorsement any firm is likely to receive, be it via links or ads, is not only huge, but also has a wide appeal.


1. Lower Rates of Commissions: Amazon, as a part of its global sale strategy, gives a lower commission, say 4%, which pushes to increase the volume of sales, for higher sustainability. Check out blog to know about various other programs of Amazon with higher returns model.

2. Longer Cycles of Payments: Amazon’s payment terms specify the payment of the sum due, 60 days after the sale has occurred. This brings down the Liquidity.

Some of the major marketing affiliates in some of the fields are as follows:

1. Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

WP Engine: They offer the best in class WordPress Managed Hosting, at a rate of 200$ per sign up. They have an optimised hosting, which is superfast & meant for a serious blogger.

DreamHost: An old player in the game, DreamHost provides a variety of web hosting services, which are solely meant for web hosting. At this point of time, DreamHost offers a 97$ charge on a new sign up by a new customer.

Cloudways: Cloudways is a management tool, designed for managing the tools of hosting websites, as Magneto, WordPress, etc. While they have a $100 referral fee policy, their popular packages of cloud hosting, cost between $10 & $30.

2. Finance Affiliate Web Programs

Regal Assets: Regal Assets, is an online Gold Investment Firm, which intends to offer a higher amount of return, in the form of a Flat Rate in addition to a piece of the total investment amount. They offer various commissions to the leads, based on their structured package.

Colmex Pro: Colmex Pro is on top of the list, when it comes to European Regulated CFD Brokers. Offering a variety of investment options, such as equities, commodities, indices etc. Colmex Pro is the best European online market, for international stock traders.

3. Casino Affiliate Web Programs is a premium, established name, in the online poker & casino business. It has various “online” subsidiaries, such as 888sport, 888ladies, 888bingo etc.

Casino Blasters: Casino Blasters/Golden Palace Affiliates, is a casino run affiliate marketing program, for the Golden Palace Casino. Being a popular program, it happens to promise generous rewards, with the newer customers, offered interesting deals.

Final Words

In my Opinion, Affiliate Marketing, represents, 2 important items, one being the benefit of it to the upcoming generation & the other being the relationship it establishes, between the firm and the blogger. It is due to these 2 items, that affiliate marketing has seen a huge growth in the past decade, & also relies upon the fact that it establishes a future job opportunity, for the individual.

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