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Published on August 24th, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


Best Place to buy an iPhone without a Contract

Who doesn’t want to own an iPhone? Everyone wants, but not everyone owns it! The iPhone is a flagship phone, which requires shedding the pockets extravagantly to own one. Coming to the rescue, there are a few deals that let the iPhone seeker’s dream come true of owning an iPhone at the best deals.

There are two ways to buy an iPhone at a lower price, one of which is the discount sales and the other is opting for the refurbished models.

iPhones are available both online and in the market at discounted prices, but they come with a contract with the cellular service for a year or two or more than two, which sounds ridiculous for the buyers.

And, when you opt for the other way, which is the refurbished model, which means the user can buy a well-conditioned and unlocked iPhone or say without a contract iPhone at lower prices.

Here are a few best places where you can buy iPhones without a contract:


Although Amazon has ephemeral deals on iPhones with contract, it is also the last refuge for those who seek fully unlocked phones. But, you may have to pay a premium for it. One can also check free Amazon gift cards to close the best deal before buying any product from Amazon.

Amazon presents to you a lot of deals on refurbished iPhones which may seem higher than the pricing it isworth but can be the rescue of owning an iPhone without a contract.

If you have the patience, then you can also wait for the flash sales and gold Box sales to buy an iPhone. But, always make sure you check the seller’s ratings before you order.

Best Buy

Looking for a deal where you can trade in your old iPhone and buy a new one? Best Buy can be the ideal choice for this concept.

It offers up to $250 in the form of a Best Buy Gift card when you trade in your old iPhone X and buy a new one. The savings will probably vary from $50 to $250, depending upon the iPhone model you are trading in.

So, this, in fact, is the easiest way to own an iPhone without a contract in addition to savings.


eBay realizes the risk of buying a phone directly from a fellow consumer, to which the platform offers the customers to buy the iPhone online from qualified sellers, who have positive feedbacks and ratings, ensuring the customers to receive the iPhone in a promised condition at a great deal.

If the customer is willing to be patient and is keen on saving, then he can look for the negotiation on the price or wait for the hottest deals.


It is a person-to-person sales market where the deals vary a lot. The deals usually depend on the age and condition of the device. Unlike any other person-to-person market, this does more to protect the buyers.

iPhone Outlet takes measures such as verifying ESN numbers to find out if the model is stolen or isn’t a fully paid one or is not available for activation etc., to ensure that the buyer is keeping from scammers.

It also makes sure that the seller has reset the device to enable a fresh set up of the new user, as it requires verification photos to prove the ownership and also to verify the condition of the iPhone.

Isn’t it really an amazing and the safest place to make the deal? At least for me, it is! Especially at those discounted and lower prices, this seems like a fair deal.


This dealership is a bit different from any other on this list, as it offers a “buy one, get one” deal, which basically means that the user has to buy two iPhones on the AT&T Next plan, one of which is supposed to be the new line.

If the deal is made, then the user gets a credit applied over 30 months, which in turn can be applied on any other iPhone model you want to buy to reduce the price of the model.

Overall, it can be concluded that AT&T is designed to lock the users into a long-term commitment, which often requires the new line activations and might favor the users in saving some amount after a long-term commitment.

Word to the Wise

Before you make a deal, it is important to do a complete analysis on the seller you are buying the iPhone from, find their ratings and feedbacks to know the previous experiences of other customers, and, only then proceed to place the order.

These measures will keep you from the scams and frauds, and will also help you buy a genuine and well-maintained refurbished iPhone.

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