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ClearCoin (XCLR) Rolls Out New Features for its Platform and Explorer

With all the attention that Bitcoin has gotten recently, the concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrency are probably not a novelty for most technology oriented people. As per its

design, blockchain works like a huge database and a peer-to-peer network, where transaction logs are spread across thousands of computers.

ClearCoin is a leader and pioneer in combining technologies in media and advertising with blockchain. The company has its own token, known as XCLR, which is available on the decentralized exchanges IDEX and ForkDelta.

News keeps on coming from ClearCoin, as the company has rolled out new product updates that continue to fulfill its intended aims.  The company’s Platform has new functions to publish ad campaign smart contracts that transact media buys between advertisers and publishers. The XCLR token serves as the means of payment in these ad transactions.

The company’s Explorer is growing to index and organize information published to publicly accessible blockchains, starting with Ethereum.  It has a new feature that could be a blessing for people wanting to access information about token price and market capitalization data. There are over 80,000 tokens indexed, with price data available for the most popular tokens.

The Explorer shows users, in addition to the information already mentioned, the contract address, the number of decimals, and the total supply of each token. There is also information pertaining to each unique token, including token transactions and data about the token holders.

With the information provided by Explorer, crypto investors can have information about the token market. At this time, pricing data is indexed for tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. ClearCoin plans on indexing data from other smart contract platforms, which is seen as a priority for the company. The Explorer serves as a media asset for the company to potentially serve ads on behalf of customers using the Platform.

Beyond that, the company is working with 3rd party publishers who can accept the XCLR token for ad buys. The ecosystem of the XCLR token is built from demand and supply of media buyers and sellers. The ecosystem’s growth is hinged on adding volume to both sides of the equation.

With these new product updates, there are important implications for the future of media and advertising as it operates in the crypto economy, continuing ClearCoin as an innovative player in its field.

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