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Best business VPNs for 2018 – whatever stage your business is at

Getting a VPN to protect your business traffic is a smart move. With one, you’re anonymous and protected. Without one, you’re at risk of cybercrime targeting your internet traffic or your network.

But which VPN is best? That depends on your needs – and the size and stage of your business. Fast-growing startups and one-person microbusinesses need different VPNs just like they need different offices and websites.

Check out our list of five of the best business VPNs on the market right now, matched to business stage, size and requirements.

1. NordVPN

Best for: small businesses

Business users need VPNs that won’t go down on them unexpectedly, and that cover multiple devices. Especially if you’re a smaller business looking for security on a tight budget, it’s reassuring to see that Nord’s normal packages give you access to a network of over 4,000 servers in 62 countries, and you can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.

You get military-grade encryption, main servers are located in Panama and don’t keep logs, and business plans give you a dedicated VPN with assigned IP addresses for internal use. And Nord offers Chrome and Firefox browser plugins too, so staff don’t even need to open the VPN to get protected.

2. ExpressVPN

Best for: Microbusinesses

ExpressVPN is a faster, slicker but less features-rich tool than Nord. The best way to understand it is as a ‘stripped-down’ version of a business VPN. Although it’s not unique, Express make a big deal of their kill switch – a dead man’s switch that drops your internet connection if your connection to the VPN fails. It has dedicated DNS leak protection too.

With access to more than 2,000 servers across 94 countries (who knew there were 94 countries?), Express has a big enough network to suit most business needs and there’s an inexpensive, easy-to-set-up home router option that’s ideal for protecting small, home or microbusinesses.

3. VyprVPN

Best for: security and privacy

VyprVPN offers two dedicated business VPN tools: VyprVPN For Business and VyprVPNFor Business Cloud. With 70 locations and 200,000 IPs, Vypr doesn’t have the network size of Nord. But it does have sophisticated defense features like Deep Packet Inspection blocking, anti-VPN blocking features, secure DNS servers, firewall functionality and a killswitch. Vyper is a VPN for businesses that value solid security above all.

4. CyberGhost

Best for: Ease of use

By contrast with Vypr’s features-rich, expert-user-oriented setup, CyberGhost is a great choice if, like most businesses, you find staff compliance is the weak link in your security chain. While CyberGhost is comprehensively customizable from its dashboard, you can launch a session with a single click from inside a browser – user-friendly security at its best. Seven devices, 1,550 IPs and a worldwide server net have earned CyberGhost a 20-million-strong user base, and it’s easy to see why. If you want a VPN you can fire and forget, this is it.

5. TorGuard

Best for: Startups and midsize businesses

Torguard offers businesses four plans: Starter, Small, Medium and Enterprise. That’s a pricing structure familiar from other per-seat/SaaS business tools, so budgeting for it might be more intuitive. It’s a full-fledged business tool with higher seat numbers than some others in this list – Starter offers 10, Enterprise 50+, and there’s a host of business-friendly features too.

TorGuard gives you encrypted email accounts, Deep Packet Inspection protection and a dedicated VPN management portal, as well as over 3,000 servers in more than 50 countries.

Found your VPN? Head over to to pick out the deal that suits you, learn more or search reviews and guides to the best protection on the web.

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