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8 Tips for Your Business to stand out on Social Media

Millions of businesses are on social media today. To make your company stand out is a daunting but rewarding activity. You need to separate yourself from the crowds so that your business can grow. If you are not visible by the majority of clients on social media than your competitors, how do you expect to beat them? Remember over 90% of all businesses are already using social media as a primary marketing strategy. Just by being a little innovative, you can make your presence be felt. You don’t have to spend a fortune, just plan well and believe in yourself. These seven tips will help you to stand out and shine from the crowd and increase your command on social media.

1. Learn from your competitors

There is always more successful business than your out there. You can get essential lessons from them. Pick several successful businesses from your league and study their social media strategies. If you think they are more successful in Facebook than you, find out how your fans are spreading your services through Facebook Share Checker. You do not have to copy paste their strategies, and you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Start with a quick search on the internet for the dominant businesses in your area of expertise. Take your time to see how they handle their social media marketing. You can even subscribe to their emails updates so that you can have a clear insight on they run their thriving businesses.

2. Select and concentrate on the best social media networks

Be it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, there are specific networks which do better for the kind of product you sell. Concentrate your resources on networks which are frequented by your potential clients. Facebook is the bests place to start from for it commands a 70% share of all social media users. Select others which are more linked to the products you sell. You can also find where your customers frequent. Compare your competitors’ clients’ base with yours and see if you are missing on any of the social media platforms.

3. Audience opinions counts

The beauty of social media is that it is lively and involving. It is a complete two way communication. Here each audience has a chance to air his concerns and comments. Do not ignore your audience s opinions. You can never be so wise as to know exactly what they need. Let them speak for themselves and just give them what they need. Never be late in replying to their issues. You can also start dialogues by posting an important question. Follow their every comment and remember to thank them for their insight and time. People love to be told that they are valued and important: do it always even you feel they are unrealistic.

4. Refer what you can’t do

Nobody knows everything. Nobody has everything. If your followers request for a product or information you don’t have, be gracious enough to refer them to where they can get help. Be known to be resourceful so that your fans can recommend others to you. Soon almost everyone will be coming to you for your unbiased information.

5. Let your human side shine

People feel freer when they interact with people they can associate with. Let them know your struggles and successes as a person but not as an organization. Tell them how you were once broke, the mistakes you did before being where you are. Post pictures you took when you received that reward. Remember to be resourceful without being boastful. Let them feel you care about their day to activities.

6. Use pictures and videos in your campaigns

A picture speaks a thousand words. A video speaks everything. Do not restrict yourself to words only when your competitors are busy employing videos and pictures in their campaigns. People nowadays are either tired or too busy to read every word you type. Be precise and to the point in your videos. Remember you are both entertaining and promoting your products. It is well know fact that post with visuals generate more audience. A recent study claimed they generate 2.3 more audience. You can lose a lot of potential customers if you fail to include visuals in your marketing.

7. Demonstrate your expertise personally

People like to be associated with the topmost guys in any organization. After all everyone deserve the best. You are the right person to demonstrate the ‘how tos’ of your products. We all assume you know your products more than anyone else, articulate well what you know. A short video will go a long way to let your clients know how your products work. This is an important assignment which you do not have to delegate. Make sure you are available afterwards to answers your clients’ comments and questions.


Social media should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. The more you invest in your brand promotion in social media, the more your chances of success. One of the greatest challenges business have nowadays is to stand out in marketing platforms like social media. Many of your competitors might be increasing sales not because they have superior products but because they market better. Although good products still are the surest way to maintain your customers, you need to improve on how those customers will select you from so many companies selling similar products. Social media platforms remain a great place to invest in so then you can increase traffic to your website and hopefully increase sales. If you fail here, your business will suffer a lot. Since many companies are already established in social media, you have to be outstanding if you expect to grow. The above insight will guide you how you can get a commanding share in social media traffic.

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