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Published on June 23rd, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


Key Tips for Proper Video Editing

As you might have probably noticed when it comes to video editing – it’s a much easier task to accomplish than it was back in the day. Technology has evolved to the point that even those who are casually interested in video editing can pick my edit video software up and immediately start learning. However, just because it’s easy to get started, doesn’t mean it’s as easy to master.

There is still a vast difference when you look at works by experts in the video editing scene compared to those who took it up as a hobby. Even those who want to take more serious steps often aren’t quite sure what to do because all the tools are available at the start. For those individuals who want to take the next step, here are a few key tips!

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Video editing needs to be taken seriously if you’re going to improve

Remember that improvement doesn’t just happen. You might gain some knowledge, but it will take too long before you end up experiencing the fruits of your labour. Just like anything else in life, if you want to show what you’ve got then you need to take it seriously.

Learning your chosen video editing tool is a must

Study the software that you’re going to be using from head to toe. If you’re unsure about what kind of software to use, FCPX (or Final Cut Pro X) is a great tool that you can download and instantly get started with. Final Cut Pro Music will also help elevate your videos to the next level.

Have you considered the hardware you’re going to be using?

While FCPX doesn’t necessarily need a high-end rig to start editing, you’re going to need plenty of hard drive space. This means making use of external hard drives to help with the size of the videos you’re going to be using for your edits.

Consider upgrading if your system specs are too low

Faster rendering time is also important, so a decent processor will help. It’s even recommended that you play around with keyboard shortcuts or even a gaming mouse with programmable buttons. All of these will play a part in making things easier once you’ve studied all you can.

Come up with content within a reasonable timeframe

While it’s important not to rush things, it’s also equally important not to get stuck on a single project for too long. When it comes to situations like these, you need all the practice you can get. This means coming up with finished pieces and then getting feedback so that you can use it in the next projects that you start.

Provided you’re diligent, these simple tips will help elevate your skill in video editing, and allow you to create videos that could be compared with the work of a professional. Remember that it’s all about how badly you want it. If you truly want to be skilled at video editing, you need to put in the time and effort necessary to become so.

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