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Best and Weirdest Gadgets for Home of 2018

Intellectual home technology remains one of the most relevant and interesting trends in recent years. Every day, thousands of new smart gadgets for the home are invented, which are often unusual, weird and unique.

We are now using such technologies and devices that we couldn’t dream about 10 years ago. I’m sure you can’t part with your smartphone, and furthermore, have a few APP-controlled gadgets around your house. But in this article, we’ll try to surprise you with fresh and unusual home appliances, which you haven’t seen yet.

Check Out the Top 10 Must-Have Home Devices

If you’re looking for unique home gadgets, you will certainly find something extraordinary on the market. New technologies are already facilitating our life, let alone the weird smart gadgets for home developed to deliver excitement and comfort. We provide you a TOP 10 unusual and must-have gadgets that you never know existed.

10. AV receiver

The first gadget we want to present you is an audio/video (AV) receiver, a helpful assistant for your home theater. Going to the cinema is fantastic, but a home theater is better and funnier, and with an AV receiver you can have a wonderful party. This smart home gadget provides the best visual and sound quality and create a sonic balance. For example, Sony STR DN10x0 is the best AV receiver for music and you will get a premium audio experience. Furthermore, you can control music selection, playback, and regulate the sound via the app.

9. Smart Mirror

Monitoring health and general condition is an important part of everyday life. But we are sometimes so busy with work, studying, domestic chores, or children that we don’t have time for self-care. Smart mirror helps improve your daily life by displaying vital statistics about you. This is important data about your health, fitness, beauty, nutrition, sleep schedule, as well as various reminders, news, daily quotes, etc. To manage this home gadget, track your data with FitBit and select widgets and information that will be displayed on your mirror. You can also display calories, exercise, and hydration to adhere to a diet and healthy lifestyle.

8. Musical bulbs

Like bright and cheerful parties? Neon lights that reproduce music, this is the number one solution for such cases. These are ordinary and beautiful light bulbs that not only glow brightly, but can play your favorite music via Bluetooth and transfer audio files to other light bulbs.

7. Egg-minding egg tray

You have never seen this before! The smartest egg tray, the Egg Minder will change your mind about storing food in the fridge. Now you don’t need to think how long the eggs will stay fresh in the fridge, as you will be notified on your smartphone. This unusual kitchen gadget allows you to check the number of eggs left in the tray and their freshness. You will always know exactly when an egg spoils or the tray is empty via the app.

6. Heat-adjustable bedding

The next smart home gadget that will take care of your health is a heat-adjustable mattress cover called Luna. From the first seconds it may seem the most wonderful thing in the world: a comfortable and soft bedding that regulates the temperature in your bed to improve your sleep. It heats/cools the mattress in certain areas, measures your temperature, breathing speed, heart rate, and also tracks the sleep phases to ensure you have the most beautiful dreams and the best rest.

5. Shopping assistant

If I tell you about the “magic” Dash buttons that deliver the products you need with a single touch, you’ll think that the world has gone mad. In fact, those ultra-modern Dash Buttons were developed to save you from annoying shopping. Simply attach the desired button to the desired location, click on it, and during the day, expect the delivery of the things you need: whether it’s a washing powder, washing liquid, toilet roll, coffee, etc.

4. Intelligent cooker

Another faithful assistant that takes care of your precious time is an intelligent sous vide from Mellow. Something like a slow cooker, this kitchen device prepares delicious dishes according to your favorite recipes. Simply load the products into small bags and put them in a water-filled cooker, select the recipe on your smartphone and Mellow will do everything. Also, it always picks up the right temperature for cooking delicious food, and can accommodate up to six servings at once.

3. Piggy bank manager

Keeping money in a piggy bank is an old and good habit from childhood. Do you remember the excitement of breaking that pig to buy yourself an ice cream? Well, recently an interactive piggy bank appeared on the market. Its main feature is that it’s connected to the network, and you can watch its movement and learn the number of coins left without touching the pig. Secured enough, isn’t it?

2. Automatic Pet Feeder

This gadget is for the busiest or laziest people who have pets. Automatic pet feeder is an app-controlled home gadget that feeds your dog or cat no matter where you are. Connect this device to your Wi-Fi and feed your pets in the distance. You can schedule the feeding time (12 different meals), select portions, and track the feeding from the application. In addition, you can press the button at any time and your pet will automatically receive food.

1. Wireless Motion Sensor

And the last efficient gadget is Elgato Eve wireless motion sensor. This powerful device monitors the order in your home while you are at work or engaged in important matters. Don’t ever worry about your home security, since this motion sensor has a huge viewing angle, and can to detect any actions, and controls other smart devices inside the house. In case of unforeseen situations, it will send a notification to your smartphone.


The efficiency and usefulness of smart home gadgets increase with the speed of light. New technologies replace old ones, companies increase the level of innovation and quality of their products, so you can now see the future of the housewares. Discover the variety of effective home gadgets and choose your favorite to simplify your life.

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