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Published on June 9th, 2018 | by Júlio Ventura


ARIA Waterproof Earbuds: There is a New Shark in the Ocean

100% Waterproof, Bluetooth 5, 32-Hour Battery, Ultra-High Def Speakers, Noise Isolation Tech, Hands-Free Controls. Just to mention some of the features of the new xFyro ARIA Earbuds. It’s industry-leading technology for the average consumer. You’ve never seen anything like this.,w_695/v1526909699/ry6nxt7kmvt9sx5kxo5y.jpg

An Immersive Audio Experience

Designed by xFyro, the ARIA Earbuds are on the path to take its industry to the next level. We could tell right away that it took a lot of planning and testing to truly develop an unbeatable concept, one unlike any other. The earbuds combine a 100% waterproof and dustproof design with the newest Wireless 5.0 long range technology. Although these features may stand out as the highlight of the product, there’s much, much more to explore.

xFyro promises “top-shelf sound quality”, made possible thanks to a powerful bass, crisp mid-highs and sharp vocals. In terms of sound quality, the premise is that ARIA Earbuds will definitely rival, if not surpass, the best waterproof and wireless headphones and earbuds in the market today. Given that fit and seal is one of the most important aspects of a great set of earbud, xFyro has focused on creating the perfect acoustic environment by using proprietary design and materials to achieve a perfect fit and seal out outside noise. Thus, ensuring high-quality noise cancelation, ideal to take to the gym, run outside, cycle, or just go chill out in the pool.,w_695/v1526822668/e51kovh3i8brbzm0pqgc.jpg

Promising You Unmatched Excellence

Although the project is still at its prototype and testing phase, it has already raised $205,000 by over 1800 backers in less than 2 weeks on its IndieGoGo campaign. After only a few days into the campaign, xFyro was already able to capture the consumers interest, even earning the coveted “Indiegogo Team Favorites Collection” badge. xFyro has a lot of hype to live up for. The company has set the bar very high, promising a product that will surpass its competitors. The company should be able to deliver given it has already delivered incredible waterproof wireless earbud products in the past such as the xFyro xS2.

Unlike most products in the market, ARIA Waterproof Earbuds offers Bluetooth 5.0, ensuring vastly more secure, fast and reliable connectivity. ARIA has a 35ft (10.6 meters) working distance, something I find is particular useful for swimming. I just have to leave my phone safe next to the pool while I dive in and swim without losing connection.

Battery life is another characteristic I’m very hyped about. ARIA detailed 32-hour battery life and 8-hour listening time, if it comes to realization, will definitely be an excellent spec. Together with high-speed charging, a 15-minute charge will last 3 hours of listening time. Very useful to anyone who is always on the go. Got a plane to catch? Are you in a worry? Just quickly plug in ARIA for 15 to 30 minutes and you are ready to go. Its charging case is very compact and lightweight, easily fitting in any pocket or backpack.

Dual Beamforming Microphone, Stereo Calling, and Hands-Free Control

One characteristic we would like to point out is the dual beamforming microphone that enables an amazing feature, still uncommon among these types of gadgets. I’m talking about stereo calls. No longer you have to hear the ringing in one ear after a call. Thanks to the dual beamforming microphone, you can hear your phone call on both earbuds. Something most competitors still don’t offer.

ARIA has a sleek design that enhances a hands-free control experience by making use of a very intuitive and simple touch control. Just tap your finger on the earbud and you will be able to play and pause, navigate to next or previous track, control volume, answer and end calls, and more amazingly access Google Assistant and Siri (compatible with both Android and iOS devices). Yes, you can easily use a virtual assistant app without having to take your phone out, just speak to the microphone.

Dive into a New Sound Experience

As previously mentioned, to this date ARIA waterproof and wireless earbuds still aren’t available in retail. However, if you are as excited as we are, you can still get your set with a 50% discount, before it hits the stores. The Indiegogo campaign is almost over and soon all backers’ earbuds will be shipped in August. Consider supporting xFyro ARIA funding if you are one of the many travelers and sports lovers who never found the perfect wireless waterproof earbud.

Have a great day and keep on rocking!

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