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5 Tips to Finding the Best HID Ballast

The High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps are the next phase of technology in lighting. They not only produce more light but also bear a slightly higher rated life than their halogen lamps counterparts. You don’t have to be worried if you are coming across HID lamps for the first time; this lighting technique simply replaces the filament of a light bulb with a gas capsule which produces light through an electric arc discharged between two closely distanced electrodes.

Ballasts are the heartbeats behind HID lamps.They are responsible for producing the initial surge of electricity that engineers the lighting process. Additionally, ballasts regulate the power consumed by the lights during normal operations. Since not all ballasts out there are worth an investment, outlined are 5 pointers to landing the most viable HID ballast.

1. Opt for ballast with a high-efficiency rating

Efficiency is the ability of a given device to minimize wastage of resources. In our case, it is the amount of power output divided by the amount of power input of a ballast. The efficiencies of different ballasts vary between 50% to 90%, with the later figure giving the best hid ballast as only 10% of the power is lost in the form of heat among other factors.

2. An HID bulb with a longer lifespan is worth an investment

As aforementioned, an HID lamp produces light by creating an electric arc between two electrodes. As a result of the heat generated from the process, the electrodes wear and tear over time. Hence, the limited lifespan of a given HID bulb. This basically means that the more the heat generated by a given HID ballast, the shorter the lifespan of a given lamp. All factors constant, a 35 Watt (W) HID ballast will, therefore, have a much longer lifespan than a 55 Watt HID ballast.

3. Comfortability is key

The normal halogen bulb yields approximately 1600 lumens, an output almost half the roughly 3200 lumens produced by a 35W HID ballast. The latter is definitely the perfect choice for night driving as it gives the clearest view of the road. Since you might be asking about the 55W HID ballast which affords approximately 4000 lumens, I guess the light might be too much for driving as well as turn you into a bully to other road users; however, this could be a perfect pick for street lighting or other applications in need of higher light intensities.

4. Never compromise on safety

Safety is essential, especially while installing HID ballasts on your car which might have taken you too much patience and efforts to acquire. The higher the wattage of an HID ballast the greater danger it poses especially to your car’s wiring as well as the motherboard.

5. The price matters

Finally, since we must always factor in price whenever making a purchase, always opt for a ballast that falls within your budget range. All the same, be cautious of ballasts promising too much output at conspicuously low costs as they might bear a shorter lifespan or provide the least safety standards to other associated electrical components.

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