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The Best Apps for Optimal Artist Management

One of the realities in the world of music is that talent alone will not suffice when it comes to thrusting an artist or a band to success. With that said, the entity that is partly responsible for their success would have to be their talent manager. The act of managing talent is one which is not easy, and the success of a certain band would greatly depend on how efficient its management is. With that said, what are the best audio downloading apps for optimal artist managing?


Don’t rely on your memory! This is most especially true when it comes to bookings and appointments from the necessary people, such as concert venue owners, and the like. This app allows you to take down notes, such as plans for media exposure, Kickstarter Campaign management, and even songs and lyric ideas, as inspiration could stem out from almost everywhere and anywhere. Instead of bringing a pen and paper with you, this app allows you to jot down things on your phone.

Tube Buddy

YouTube, without a doubt is one of the most popular platforms for artist exposure nowadays. Contrary to what others may think, however, it’s not as simple as posting videos and hoping others would watch. It’s actually a more intricate system, which includes annotations, info cards, marketing customization, and the like. While all of this could be overwhelming to deal with, this app helps relieve that, as this allows you to do bulk processing, and dealing with your YouTube channel in a more efficient manner, thus saving you time.

Google Analytics

This is the perfect app for music managers, simply because you know that you’re doing your job well when the band or artist you’re managing gets to pick up steam. This is one of the most efficient integration apps for you to use, as it allows you to know your weak and strong spots in terms of campaigning, and in the process allowing you to get real-time results, and thus be able to maximize your campaigning initiatives in such a way that no efforts would be put to waste.


While communication and analytics are important, one of the other things to look after as a band manager would be how much they earn whenever they tour and do live shows. Syncing and showing information is enabled through this app, and it is one which does the looking out for fans for you, and thus allowing bands to interact with them directly. Knowing who and where the fans are allow you to be more efficient when it comes to plotting out concerts, gigs and shows through maximizing the potential audience reach. After all, it would crush a band’s ego and probably even discourage them from moving forward if they are greeted by a near-empty venue.


While music primarily is an alley for self-expression, it just can’t be denied that it has already been commercialized. In other words, some writers or music makers would end up releasing songs for the sake of raking cash into their pockets. While this is the trend now, a lot of people believe that this shouldn’t be the case. Bandcamp takes commercialism out from music, and lets listeners funnel cash into artists they patronize through the “pay what you like” feature.

Spotify Artist Insights

When it comes to innovations in the world of online streaming, one of the leaders would have to be Spotify. This is because it remains to be one of the most popular, with 60 million users and 30 million songs. Artists insights allows you to check on how your band is doing, specifically through the number of times your band’s tracks is being played. You could also compare how other artists are doing with respect to that of yours, as well as know where the songs get included. This would allow you to plot out live gigs, especially in cities or areas where you know your band’s tracks are frequently played.


If you’re tired of checking trends and other metrics of each band which is unique to each social media platform, one of the best options for you is to avail of an app which tracks web mentions in a collective manner, specifically through Google Alerts. This platform is one which allows you to monitor keywords of choosing, specifically mentions, hashtags, and the like. This allows you to know whether or not your band is generating buzz, all without having to browse from one platform to another.

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