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A Complete Guide To Hookah Bowls For A Beginner

Are you organizing a hookah party or just inviting some friends over for a quick hookah session? No matter what the occasion is, having an additional bowl is definitely an useful investment. To buy such bowls, visiting the best Smoke Shop in Peoria, AZ is advisable.

To know more about hookah bowls, have a look;

Choice of the Shisha bowl totally depends on your smoking preferences. Generally, a Shisha bowl refers as Shisha heads.

These bowls available in assorted styles with their various purpose of use. The special material is used in making of the Shisha bowl, the way it’s configured and the charcoal you use to smoke will all have an effect on your smoking event.

Varieties of Hookah Shisha Bowl

In the market, there are versatile Shisha bowls available. The style of bowl offers numerous advantages over other bowls and even become more beneficial for certain types of flavors, such as vapor paste flavor.

However, there are plenty of different styles, among them, few are stated below; so, have a look at the following basic cum numerous style of hookah heads;

Regular Styled Bowl

Generally, these bowls are traditional bowls. You find these type of bowls everywhere. Usually, they are made from clay, which is originated in Egypt. Where some of the early shisha pipes were found.

It has 5 holes in the base and these holes are most important for air circulations and they are cost-effective, too. If you are a beginner, this is ideal for you.

Swirl Shisha Bowl

These bowls differ from the traditional bowls by large raised middle stub section that has the holes in its inside. Swirl shisha bowl has a unique style that allows flavor juice to remain in the base so that a hookah flavor remain cool and wet. So, this gives you one of the best smoking experiences.

Vortex or swirl shisha bowls are also ideal for any type of flavor including stem stone, juice-based molasses and vapor past. You can consider as first choice over a traditional styled bowl.

Funnel shape Styled Shisha Bowl

This bowl styled bowl is same as a vortex with a raised central section. However, the major difference is that in the funnel, there is a large hole in the top that serves as a large funnel straight to the jar. Because this style of hookah bowl allows for much smoke to be coming out that gives an amazing smoking session.

Dome Style Shisha Bowl

This style stand out different from all style of shisha bowls as it has a curved shape like a dome inside of the bowl. They are mainly used to minimize the amount of flavor used when smoking a hookah.

However, This styled bowl is ideal for vapor based flavors. So, it is better not to use this style when you use steam charcoal stones.

More Than Two Heads Style Bowl

If you want to enjoy multiple flavors in single hookah, using these style you can enjoy the different flavor in single smoking shisha. This gives cocktail flavor experience to you. Traditionally, these were handmade and originate of Egypt.


So, if you’ve decided to buy a hookah or other essential parts, you can consider Sunburst Smoke Shop as your choice. This shop is one of the Unique Hookah Shops. Before you throw a hookah party for your friends, make sure you’ve an additional hookah bowl.

Before start any hookah session consider above depicted elements so that you can make your every smoking session memorable. At the end the purpose behind this is to enjoy hassle-free hookah smoking session with your loved ones for a longer time.

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