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A Roadmap To Great Content – From Idea To Viral Post [Infographic]

Creating a content for your website can sometimes turn into a real nightmare. We aren’t talking about writer’s block here, finding a perfect topic that your readership will enjoy is a problem on its own. Keeping the track of your ideas as they come through an editorial calendar is one way to go. Let us share few tips on how to improve the quality, reach bigger audiences and keep the content flow going when all else fails.

Finding The Perfect Topic

We’ve all experienced one of the greatest issues when thinking about the content topics we’d like to write about – a lack of inspiration. It’s important not to stumble and fall once the creativity goes scarce. If the creativity is gone, it’s time to have a look around. Your audience’s comments are the first stop. They’ll often tell you when you should go next and this will often provide a whole set of new ideas.

You can also talk to people who share the same interests as you or your audience – perfect insights can come from a casual coffee meeting. And if you really need to recharge that creativity, distancing yourself from all the commotion can bring the peace of mind and enable that spark of creativity to reappear.

Bring In The Value

Don’t be afraid and try out new things – add that extra value to your content, they’ll appreciate it. If you’re writing a post, add in some visuals, or provide a description of your videos, your audience will understand you better.

Headlines are another important principle that’s often neglected. Edit, rewrite it and think about what will make them tick and decide to read what you have to say. A great headline will often be the deal maker.

Remember to keep your paragraphs dynamic, keep the rhythm and don’t talk about the unnecessary. Try to make that ‘call to action’ at the end. Don’t be afraid to ask for opinions as your audience just waits to speak their mind and give you that valuable insight and stream of ideas.

Once you feel comfortable with the content you created it’s always recommended you get back to it couple times more. Editing will ensure you’re sending the best possible concise message out. Give the attention to those small and pesky errors and search engine optimization of the text. If you want your content to perform, use those keywords in headlines, give alt-tags to your pictures and optimize meta descriptions.

Make a good content strategy to keep you focused and efficient in creating your digital impression.

Time To Promote

While creating content is important, picking the right promotion channels is equally important. The instant thing you can do to gain value is mentioning influencers and relevant publications in the content itself. Always promote your work through your own social media profile. This is the fastest way to engage your audience and spark the conversation. Going with it to niche relevant forums is a powerful ally as well.

For other bits of advice on how to create and promote your content check out this amazing infographic by Point Visible.

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Anita is an internet marketing specialist and graphic designer at Point Visible. She has years of experience in designing graphics for web and running social media and outreach campaigns. She loves cooking and football.

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