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8 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Use PowerShell

Microsoft’s PowerShell is a popular computing task automation and CM or Configuration Management framework. PowerShell was initially a component of Windows but was made cross-platform and open source in the year 2016. The new PowerShell is called as PowerShell Core and uses the.Net core framework.

Shell is a user interface that provides access to the various systems and applications that an Operating System contains. PowerShell has a scripting language and command-line containing shell. Commandlets perform the administrative tasks in PowerShell, and the data stored in the different data stores including registry and file system are eventually made available by the providers. PowerShell can be used for performing the various administrative tasks on both remote and local window systems. Here are 8 reasons why you should start getting PowerShell training and pursue a PowerShell certification if you are an IT (Information Technology) professional.


1. Versatile


Microsoft shell can be used for simplifying and automating the various repetitive and tedious tasks. Multiple commands can be combined and scripts created in order to automate the tasks. The functions can make the processes less-time consuming and more convenient. Commandlets are highly customizable and a boon for the System Administrators. PowerShell can also simplify the management operations and hence is popular amongst the Network Administrators working in large corporations. For instance, if a new security setup is to be entered across multiple servers, PowerShell can do it with a single script.


2. PowerShell is here to stay


The second version of PowerShell has been included in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. The new products of Microsoft as well as the other applications are based on PowerShell. Hence it is here to stay for a long time period.


3. Inadequate GUI capability


The GUI of the Microsoft Exchange 2007 and beyond can only be used for the common and simple administrative tasks. The obscure, advanced, and other tasks (including the destructive ones) can only be performed by using PowerShell.


4. Useful for many


PowerShell is of great use to the System Administrators, Power Users, and many other and different types of IT professionals. PowerShell can alone expose a number of invisible modules of the Windows operating system. It scores over the Legacy and traditional command prompts in areas like inner working, capability, and features.


5. You need the PowerShell skills and knowledge


The PowerShell training brings to you the skills and improves your expertise towards using the framework. The training will help you to:

  • Automate all the tasks related to day-to-day Windows administration
  • Administer the various IPS configurations
  • List all the processes that are running on a PC
  • Stop all kinds of unnecessary Windows services
  • Configure the firewall
  • Schedule the software upgrades


6. Omnipresent


PowerShell is present across various IT infrastructures. PowerShell is hooked to many different technologies. Hence knowledge and skills relating to it can be used towards managing and orchestrating  applications and IT infrastructure in different cloud environments.


7. Questions relating to PowerShell are included in Microsoft certification exams


Microsoft has been including questions related to the use PowerShell and its different certification exams. While you may not be required to know the full syntax, you still should be aware of the commands specific to a situation.


8. Better product interaction


Microsoft has deemed PowerShell as very important. According to the company, skills related to PowerShell are amongst the most important for those working as Windows Administrators.

The PowerShell training will definitely add to your existing IT skills and will help in boosting career advancement goals. You can enrol for the Microsoft Certification online itself. The online education service will provide you hands-on training in real world projects and bring to you all the resources you need to master PowerShell.

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