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Top 8 New High Tech in Deer Hunting Gear and Gadgets [Infographic]

Hunting is one of the best outdoor activities that can help you pass the time in the best way possible. There are hundreds of hunting gadgets and gears out there. However, the main question is which ones are the best? Deer hunting in the US has become sort of a tradition and rite of passage with more Americans hunting than they engage in most outdoor activities. Improvement in technology has led to the production of better deer hunting gears and gadgets making hunting quite easy. Whether this is good for a hunter or not all comes down to the aim of hunting. Technology might have taken the fun that comes with hunting, but every area in the world seems to be embracing technology.

This article gives you an in-depth review of the top 8 new high-tech deer hunting gears and gadgets to make it easier for you to choose the right one. Go through it and find ways you can incorporate technology into your new hunting expedition. The time when slingshots were the main weapons is long gone as hunters maximize the chances of getting a kill.

1. The Firefly Wind Detector

The Firefly wind detector is a small handheld device that detects the direction of wind using advanced technology. The Firefly detector can detect the slightest wind movements that remain undetectable by humans. As a hunter, you probably know the importance of knowing the wind direction and remain hidden from your target. It is pretty simple to use. You press a button, and the device takes 512 readings per second and gives you a report on the LCD screen in three seconds. The device will then do more samples before shutting down automatically after 8 seconds.

2. Caldwell Wind Wizard 2

How do you figure out the trajectory of your arrow or bullet as you aim at the deer? The Wind Wizard is a small handheld device that will help you know the exact speed of the winds and aim your bullet or arrow in a way that it hits the target. The Caldwell is a great piece worth every penny and will allow you to hit your target in the right spot. It can be used with other wind detector devices to increase the accuracy of your aim.

3. The Burris Eliminator

The Burris eliminator is a must have for all hunter taking out the guesswork when you aim at the target. It is like a ballistic calculator or rangefinder that has been built into a rifle scope. When you press the button, the Burris Eliminator lights a red dot button within the scope appearing on the crosshairs. Aim the dot on the target and then squeeze the trigger; pretty simple. It is a great system that even compensates for wind speed. It works well with the Caldwell Wind Wizard 2 discussed earlier.

4. Thermacell

The Thermacell will keep distraction from mosquitos and other insects away by producing an odorless repellent. You’ve probably been distracted as you aim at the target by bugs and mosquitos. Well, the Thermacell is all you need to keep the bugs at bay and have all your attentions focused on the deer.

5. Smart Phone Hunting apps

The fun in hunting has been taken a level higher by the introduction of hunting apps that provide hunters with crucial data when in the field. Some apps even attach to your crossbow or rifle and enable you to see the deer on the phone. Some of the common apps you can use include Cass Creek Game Call App and the Xplat Reloading App.

6. GPS Unit

The GPS unit is a very common piece of technology with a wide variety of uses. However, it seems to have found its use when hunting helping you understand the terrain and navigate through the woods much easier. The GPS unit shows a 3D detailed map of the area you’re hunting making it easier for you to locate your animal and be positioned at the right spots where you’re not easily detected.

7. Ozonics

The powerful senses of wild animals make them notice our smell from a distance and avoid coming our way. However, this can be solved by using the ozonic device that changes the oxygen molecules into ozone molecules. The ozone molecules are undetectable by animals making it quite easy for them to come towards our traps.

8. Leupold Vendetta Bow Rangefinder

The Leupold Vendetta Bow Rangefinder will attach to your bow and continue emitting beams that show a real-time digital reading in a bright red display. This takes away the troubles that come with handheld range finders. The Leupold takes away the need to figure out range only to realize the animal has moved closer. It gives you the actual display as you aim.


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