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What Are Instagram Bots and How Do They Work?

Instagram bots and auto follower Instagram are services that allow a company to acquire followers onto their Instagram profile. There is any number of ways by which a company can use social media to gain likes, views, and followers to contest with their competition. Instagram allows any company, brand or person to have a profile and upload whatever pictures you want to make your profile seem visually appealing and interesting to the followers. A company’s success rate on Instagram is determined by the number of followers the profile has in totality and the number of likes each picture gets online. Since the filters that are used are digital it is easy to find the pictures online. This is a great way to share your products and brand to the target audience.

So, why do companies make use of Instagram bots and services like Auto follower Instagram?

The answer is very simple, as with many companies that have an online social media presence, it all comes down to marketing. Many people with public accounts on Instagram don’t realize that some, if not most, of their followers, consist of Instagram bot who are random users that are paid to like and comment on your posts. These random users are paid by companies to follow and like posts on people’s profiles so that they will revert back to the company’s profile and follow them, hence, increasing their follower count and views of their content as well.

It’s a rogue marketing tactic that is done by companies in hopes that people will follow the accounts that have liked or followed their profiles.

Whether to make use of Instagram bots and Auto followers or not, is debatable. It has its pros and cons. But if you look at it from a business point of view it can help you quite a lot. Some content creators are all for it, whereas some think it should be banned from social media.

Followers make followers

When you browse through someone’s profile on Instagram you see that they have 20k followers and that person is someone who is not very famous, but they have that many followers. So, 20k followers can’t be wrong, right?

This is a marketing tactic that companies want to go for, they want to gain a high number of followers and extend their social media growth. To launch this concept they higher services like Auto follower Instagram and Instagram Bot to do their bidding for them. These bots will target profiles and comment and leave likes in a way that users will be compelled to visit the company’s website and are likely to click follow. This can boost their social media presence and help them out in the long run.

Here are 8 rules you will need to follow if you are thinking of taking up services like Auto follower Instagram and Instagram bot

  1. Make use of only one bot per profile, having too many bots for one profile will result in getting banned from Instagram, getting more than one automation service is a huge no-no.
  2. Do not be greedy and overachieve, put up quality content and you will be able to achieve real followers. Quality content includes posts that have proper pictures, captions and hashtags. The marketing for your Instagram profile should be done in a clean and organic manner and not seem pushy.
  3. If you know who your target audience is and have figured out a strategy to attract them, then you will never run out of targets. While brainstorming your target audience these are some of the questions you will need to ask yourself:
    • Who do you want as followers?
    • Who will like your posts?
    • Who are your competitors?
    • Where are you located? Local, national or International?
    • What hashtags match your niche and can increase your popularity?
  4. Instagram has a limit of 7500 users that you are able to follow. To hide your bot, following a 50% ratio. If you have 4000 followers then unfollow 2000 to even it out.
  5. Do not push the tool to its limit. The whole point of these services is to function efficiently without getting banned, so now and then you will need to show human behavior and slow down your Instagram activity.
  6. Know your social media goals, if you do not have any reason to get more followers the followers who do end up on your profile will not really care about your posts. Basically, you have created a social media image to expand your customer reach, advertise your brand and spread a message. Acquiring followers is easy but getting them interested in your content is the challenge. You can buy fake followers, but this not recommended. This is done by businesses to prove that they have new customers and is highly unethical. If you are willing to use a bot service then you need to identify the “why” and then narrow down your target audience.
  7. Adjust your comments on posts to make them seem funny, creative and meaningful. People can now identify when a comment is auto-generated or fake, they tend to ignore it, usually by getting annoyed. To avoid being ignored, it is recommended to use authentic comments that will resonate with your target audience.
  8. Focus on creating good content, now that you are making use of Auto follower instagram services and Instagram bot you will have a lot of free time to yourself. Use that free time to think of new posts that are genuine and will manage to capture the attention of your target audience. Try to tell better stories and put more effort into your Instagram profile.


Social media bots do sound like a good concept a company can take up. Just imagine, you will not have to waste time scrolling, visiting individual profiles, trying to generate leads, or gaining more followers.  Lastly, by taking up Auto follower Instagram services and Instagram bot users, you can totally boost your brand’s social media presence and grow your target audience as well.

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