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Make your next Board Meeting Paperless

Corporates from developed countries are opting for board meeting portal to streamline their board meeting.  This trend is yet to catch up in developing countries like India where directors and company secretaries are still using the traditional process to conduct their board meeting which involves managing and collating volumes of documentation. This can be complicated and logistically difficult when directors are located around the country or even the globe. Board portals remove this issue completely by giving meeting administrators the tools to deliver meeting packs to directors instantly. Once documents are downloaded, directors can access them offline so they can review, prepare and make notes, from anywhere.

Implementing board meeting software in an Indian an organization without proper knowledge can be a daunting task. Sometimes directors are not tech savvy and hesitate to accept technology, in this situation a company secretary should not tell them instead show them how board meeting software can make their life easy. Any board meeting software provider will be happy to demonstrate the software to your board and show them its features and benefits. A reputed company will even go ahead and provide a free trial of their app and software.

A board meeting software increases efficiency and leads to good governance. Equally, looking for the right section or specific information in a paper pack can be a time-consuming task. However, with a board portal, search and filter options and document libraries can help to increase a director’s efficiency.  Even in cases where there may be last-minute updates to board materials, directors can instantly receive updated information on their portable device.

Good board portals also sync between multiple devices so directors can switch between platforms and receive the same information. For example, a director may wish to review documents and make annotations on their desktop computer and then take their tablet to the board meeting and still access all their notes and annotations.

Clearly, for non-executive directors or directors who sit on multiple boards and committees, the ability to access multiple meeting packs on a single platform proves a huge benefit and value.

A good paperless board meeting software provider will be able to help you quantify the monetary and time savings of implementing a board portal, which you can then provide in a business case to the board. Typically, this case will include a financial model that will show how your organization could save money. This way you can demonstrate a powerful tool that will encourage the board to go paperless.

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