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Important Things To Learn About Inkjet Cartridges

Inkjet cartridges are small units that store liquid ink for the inkjet printers. This ink is sprinkled on paper or other printing material in the form of tiny drops while printing. Each printer model uses specific inkjet cartridges designed for it. Usually, ink cartridges consist of one or two ink reservoirs depending on their size and demand of the customer.

Some compact inkjet cartridges also contain a specialized electronic chip, which instructs the printer about the amount of ink to be disposed of depending upon the type of the printing paper and directs it towards the correct printing path required. The good thing is that you can easily order ink cartridges online, but be sure to select a reputable seller like 123inkets, where a wide range of accessories and printer supplies are available. In fact, the 123Inkjets Cartridges are quite popular because of their quality and low price. So, you can certainly buy from them, but be sure to know the following information to make a good choice.

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Types of Inkjet Cartridges

There is a different variant of inkjet cartridges available in the market. Each inkjet cartridge has its own benefits and price range. You can choose the most appropriate one for your printer keeping in mind the printing medium and printing requirements.

Here we are discussing special characteristics of various inkjet cartridges:

1. Thermal Inkjet Cartridges

Thermal inkjet cartridges are the most common ones and are often used in consumer inkjet printers. These cartridges contain a tiny metal plate or resistor along with a heating element. These plates become hot when they receive a signal from the printer and vaporizes the ink into steam bubbles inside the nozzle of the printer. This steam deposits on paper or printing medium a droplet of ink in the form of a bubble. Due to bubble printing, these printers are also known as bubble jet printers.

Thermal inkjet cartridges provide a low-cost printing option along with high printing speed. You can print on a variety of mediums with this ink cartridge.

2. Piezoelectric Inkjet Cartridges

Piezoelectric ink cartridges are manufactured specifically for piezoelectric inkjet printers. These have a piezoelectric crystal instead of a heating element. The crystal changes its shape or bent when it receives signals from the printers and allow only the precise amount of ink to flow from the nozzle of the printer. This ink is deposited on the printing medium in the form of a droplet of ink.

Piezoelectric inkjet cartridges are often used for commercial purposes. You can use this ink cartridge on all commercial printing mediums.

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3. Black inkjet cartridges

Black inkjet cartridges allow printing only in black color. These cartridges are a variant of thermal and piezoelectric inkjet cartridges. Black inkjet cartridges are commonly used in offices and are ideal for printing on white paper or another printing medium.

Black inkjet cartridges are quite inexpensive and ideal for bulk printing. They are used for daily printing solutions at home and offices.

4. Colored inkjet cartridges

Colored inkjet cartridges are also a variant of thermal and piezoelectric inkjet cartridges and allow colored printing on different printing mediums. These cartridges contain CMYK color model. This includes cyan, magenta, yellow, and black colored inks which combine to form all the other colors.

There are multiple varieties of colored inkjet cartridges available in the market. These cartridges differ according to their quality and color variants.

5. Combination Inkjet Cartridges

Some inkjet cartridges carry different compartments for black and colored ink. They use black ink for printing text and colored ink for printing images. These cartridges are not common and are not supported by all types of printers

6. Dye-Based Inkjet Cartridges

Dye-based ink cartridges are a cheaper version of colored inkjet cartridges. The printing outcome of these cartridges is not durable and fade away with time or when exposed to high-intensity light. They are used often for temporary printing needs.

7. Pigment-Based Inkjet Cartridges

Pigment ink cartridges are also a variant of colored inkjet cartridges. These cartridges are quite expensive but yields high-quality printing outcome. The ink doesn’t fade away quickly and provides vivid bright images.

These are the different variants of inkjet cartridges. All inkjet cartridges get dried if not in use for a certain period. Sometimes they can be refilled by the local dealers otherwise they are needed to be replaced.

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