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Improve Your Cloud Data Security with These Two Strategies

The cloud greatly increased attack vectors for cybercriminals. As a result, tools such as firewalls and anti-virus, while still having their importance in today’s information security strategy, are no longer as effective as they were before, when everything that was valuable to the business was behind a company’s perimeter.

Ignoring the cloud is unthinkable these days, especially considering the advantages of cloud computing, such as cost savings and reduced time-to-market for new applications. That is why new cloud security approaches are needed to deal with the new threats and continue to take advantage of them – here are two of them.

Consider each solution individually

Different from years ago, when there was theoretically only one gateway to attacks, today every cloud-based application has its own perimeter of protection, so a good cloud security strategy is to think about protecting each application individually

Each cloud-based application needs to have its own intrusion protection devices, DDoS attacks, and information theft and its own security policies, that is, the same perimeter security components of the corporate network.

This approach to cloud security consists of implementing application-level protection controls, something that would ensure the protection the cloud needs, but which would also require controls to centralize information from multiple security tools in different applications.

Harness the power of encryption

Regardless of the responsibility that cloud service providers have over the safety and privacy of the data they store, companies should do their part in order to ensure the safety of their data. Encryption is surely a very good way of doing so and, for that purpose, a list of very useful security software can be found on

In that list we can find CloudMounter, a software that makes it easy to encrypt data on cloud storage services and web servers, for example. It keeps everyone’s online data safe and sound, thanks to the use of powerful encryption, in places such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Web DAV servers.

A nice cloud security plan provides organizations with strategies to ensure data security, so it is important for them to have one in order to avoid any damaging attacks.

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