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Why Opt for a Custom Design WordPress Theme for Your Website?

WordPress is an easy-to-use and versatile CMS platform. Users can create their own website ranging from a blog to a company’s website to stay in touch with consumers online. A big part of what makes WordPress as accessible as it is to all these different types of user needs is because it’s full of features that facilitate easy site builds rather than relying solely on coding and builds from the ground up.

This convenience comes at a cost, though. Features such as pre-made templates are simple but they also aren’t made to cater to the company who’s creating the website.

Because of this, it’s actually worth it at times to take the additional time to get help writing code for custom themes from a WordPress website design company. These are all reasons that you should opt for a custom WordPress theme rather than a pre-made template.

Custom WordPress Themes Are Unique

When a WordPress website design company creates a custom theme for your company’s website, you can be sure that the site will have a truly one-of-a-kind appearance. This is crucial because, according to Code In WP, WordPress has 50% to 60% of the global share of the CMS market. In other words, if you want your company’s website to get noticed as something unique, a custom-designed theme has a better chance of doing so than if the site is based on a template.

Custom WordPress Themes Cater to Your Needs

Templates, by design, are made to cater to a wide demographic. This way, WordPress users will use the template often. Unfortunately, when something is made for a wide range of users, it isn’t going to include specific features that small subsets of users need.

This is another good reason that custom designs are a great choice. These themes can cater to the specific needs of your business.

Custom WordPress Themes Are More Flexible

One of the biggest problems with using a template is that they aren’t easy to change. If there is a feature that developers don’t like or something they wish was added, it may not be possible to adapt it to their preferences.

Custom themes allow you to create exactly what fits the company. They can even draw from the features of multiple themes to create an interesting and effective amalgamation if you want to keep the idea of pre-made themes you like.

Custom WordPress Themes Won’t Bloat the Site

At this point, the added availability of features that templates may not offer has been discussed at length. Yet, there’s also something to be said for creating a custom theme that doesn’t have features that the site doesn’t need. With too many extra features, the website isn’t going to look complete if they’re left in full view and they’ll slow down loading times. This helps to better search engine optimization practices.

Custom WordPress Themes Have High-Quality Code

On the technical side of a template, the coding that runs it can cause problems. Themes can have code that has bugs in it and can even have increased susceptibility to malware. When a site relies on custom themes, users – or at least the development companies working on their behalf – can see what the code entails and change it as needed.


Custom WordPress themes have a distinct advantage over the pre-made themes that the platform advertises. While the templates may seem easier to use at first glance, hiring a company to help your business create a custom theme will help you avoid low-quality coding, website bloating, a lack of necessary features, and it’ll help the site stand out from the crowd.

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