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Published on February 27th, 2018 | by Gaurav Dutta


How to Open AAE Files

For an average iOS user, experiencing aae file type extensions when transferring your files is common. At times, these extensions can inconvenience you. aae extension files contain edits or alterations you make to your images using Photo app on your Apple gadget. The extension transfers non-destructive changes users make to JPEG pictures from iOS to Mac operating system. Moreover, these files are available for use by iOS 8, 10, and later versions. You may also delete aae extension files without deleting your photos even though you will lose your edits. However, you can use text-editing programs such as TextEdit and Notepad to display the changes you had effected on the pics.

How to open file aae format

But should opening aae files be such a big hassle for you? Absolutely not. If you know how to go about it, you can view your images easily. Here is how to open aae files – just follow the steps.

First, you can display it by opening the edited photos individually using third-party iOS photo-editing applications and then resaving them without any further alterations. This way, you create copies in your Camera Roll with the aae alterations, only needing to erase the original pics and importing the resaved version

The second alternative is using an iOS app dedicated to transferring aae file type to transmit your photos to a comp while retaining the changes you made to the aae file. However, ensure that your chosen app can support this function.

Opening aae files in Windows

If you are having issues viewing these files in Windows, then this section of our post will show you how best to do it. When dealing with Windows, the OS needs to know the type of program you want to use. At times, the operating system does online to search automatically for a program to open it even though you do a manual search from the programs displayed on your desktop. You can also display the file extension by doing the following:

  • Uploading your files to Dropbox.
  • Logging into your Dropbox account to fetch your photos in their initial sizes.
  • Thereafter, you can email yourself the pictures even though the emailing option will mean losing their original sizes.

To get the best from your Windows, you can use any photo editor on your Apple gadget. You only need to open the application and import the pictures into it and resave it without modifying anything on it. However, be cautious to ensure that your chosen program does not add watermarks to the pictures. Also, it should not compress or crop the images if you want to get the best out of them.

Have you been having challenges opening your aae files? Have you had challenges retaining the changes you make to your photos on your iOS devices? If you have, we hope the insights we have shared this post on how to open file in aae extensions will help you to find timely and easy solutions.

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