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11 Mistakes that You Make on Computers

Computers have become a need for many households and businesses because they help in getting the work done more effectively and efficiently.  The technology of computer has changed the way life of many people as they use this technology to perform various tasks more easily and quickly.

The uses of a computer are countless. Students benefit from the computer to complete their assignments, computers can be used for entertainment purposes and several organizations use computers to carry out their daily operations. Computers have revolutionized the way work is done due to its effectiveness and low costs.

Moreover, you can also use computer for communicating as it acts as a great communication tool. However, in order to enjoy such benefits of the computer, you need an internet connection that is fast, reliable and, is capable of fulfilling your requirements. Communication is one of the major advantages of the computer which is impossible without internet. So, in order to stay connected with the world, you need Frontier Internet service as it is one of the most reliable service providers in the United States. Moreover, with Frontier Communications, you will never face any connectivity issues and you can talk to your loved ones 24/7 at no extra charges at all.

Computers are delicate and technical machines and they should be used with extra care, especially large corporations as they have sensitive information stored in their computers and other devices. Many people make mistakes whilst using computers as they lack proper guidance about how to use these complex machines.

Here are 11 common mistakes that you need to know about in order to be more productive and secure when using a computer:

Not Using Screen Lock

People often avoid using screen lock as it requires a password each time you sign in. This is a very common mistake that many people make in order to avoid the problem of signing in with a password. However, if your computer contains sensitive information that is confidential and crucial to you then you should seriously consider using screen lock as it prevents unauthorized personnel from using your device. When you enable the feature of screen lock on your computer, it will automatically lock itself after a few minutes of inactivity. In addition to this, there are some applications and software that save you from the hassle of entering your password each time you log in. These applications and software are connected to your cellphone and whenever you cell phone goes out of range, the computer will lock itself and when your cell phone comes within the range of your computer, it will unlock itself without the password.

Using the Same Password Again & Again

Many individuals believe that using the same password for every account is the right thing to do as they can easily memorize the password. However, this exercise of using the same password for everything like your computer, bank account, social media account and other sites is totally wrong. You need to use different passwords for different accounts as it increases your security system and decreases the chances of you being hacked by an intruder. Memorizing multiple passwords can be difficult for you so you can use Password Manager to save and manage all your passwords. Password Manager like LassPass can be very helpful in this regard as it will check your password and rate it according to its strength to ensure you that you are less vulnerable to get hacked by someone.

Not Having a Backup

The hard drive of your computer contains valuable information and data that is important to you and it is always wise to have a backup of this crucial data in order to avoid the problem of losing all the files and documents with no replacement. Therefore, you should enable the feature of automatic backup on your computer to create backup of your files in case you are unable to access the files on your computer. In addition to this, you can also use online services and external hard drive to create backup of your files as it would be helpful for you if your computer gets stolen or stops working.

Not Protecting Your External Drive

If you are using an external hard drive, you should seriously consider locking it down with a password in order to restrain others from accessing your data. Moreover, you should also have a backup of your data in order to secure your files and documents.

Not Using Cloud Services

You need space to store your files and documents but your computer and smartphones have limited storage space. However, there are many cloud services that offer a good amount of space for you to store your data. You should consider signing up for cloud services that offer the space that you need in order to keep your data safe and secure. In addition to this, your computer can become slow if there are a lot of files stored in it so you can always use the cloud services in order to optimize your computer. Cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive are good places to store your data as you can access these files from any device.

Too Many Apps at Startup

Do you ever wonder why your computer takes too long to start? It’s probably because you have too many applications that launch when you start your computer. One of the most common mistakes that you make is to allow those applications to run that you are not even using. You should reduce the number of applications on your computer and only use the ones that are important and essential for work.

Not Rebooting Your Computer

Another common mistake that most of the users make is that they do not restart their computers ever which is a huge mistake. The computer needs to be refreshed in order to run properly without any issues. When you restart your computer, all the apps and tasks shut down automatically which increases the space on your RAM and allows your computer to run more smoothly than before.

Not Upgrading the RAM

The Random Access Memory, commonly known as the RAM of your computer is the short term memory of the machine that allows it to open and manage the running apps. If you do not upgrade the RAM of your computer according to its usage, your computer might become slow overtime so it is important for you to boost the processor of your computer to improve its speed and performance.

Not Updating the Operating System

Technology is improving by the minute and new updates are being released on daily basis as the old ones become obsolete. Such is the case with the operating system of computers as well. Microsoft is consistently working towards newer and better operating systems in order to deliver enhanced experience to the users. You need to update the operating system or software of your computer to achieve the objective of better performance and better processing speeds because the latest versions always have advanced features and better performance.

Downloading and Clicking on Useless Things

The internet is full of viruses and hackers who are looking for a window to get into other peoples’ computers and steal their data. To avoid such an obstacle, you need to refrain yourself from clicking on unknown links that are available on the internet. In addition to this, you should always download stuff from websites that are trustworthy and licensed because other websites might contain viruses in their files.

Not Ventilating the Computer Properly

You might be using your computer in such a place that disrupts the ventilation and makes your machine hot. In order to avoid such a problem, you should consider placing your computers in a hard surface where air can pass by the computer and keep it cool and in control.

All these mistakes and errors are quite common and eliminating such mistakes whilst using a computer would definitely help you improve your computer’s performance as well as speed.

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