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What makes Quickbook an Exclusive Software for Accounting

It is tough to know about well-versed software when you are new in the business. It gets too tough as well to gather the data manually. One always looks for the well-featured software that holds all the qualities that an accountant would prefer to use. This eases his work, and at the same time, the productivity increases. Let’s have a look upon one of the software designed for such purpose. An accounting software, Quickbooks is created and marketed by intuit. Items of Quickbooks are intended for the most part for businesses, be them of small level or medium.

They propose application based on-premises accounting and also cloud-based renditions that acknowledge business installments manage and take care of bills and payrolls. Quickbooks file doctor is one of the amazing inline.

Firstmost Release

The previous version of Quicken software didn’t serve the feature of “double-entry”. The DOS version, featured on codebase was the first release. Whereas, if we talk about versions of Mac and Windows, they shared codebase that was way different, having its origin from In-House Accountant, that later was acquired by Intuit. Basically, it was more used among the businesses that were of small spectrum, and their owners were not trained enough in accounting. Eventually, the software became more famous and about 85% of the small-level businesses prefered to use it. However, this didn’t apply to accountants who managed to hold businesses of larger level, as they couldn’t rely on it due to some reasons.

Following Release

In the following release, intuit tried to come up with solutions to the problems that the professional accountants encountered. The new version included capabilities for audit trials and had increasing functionality, including double-entry accounting features as well. In the subsequent years, Intuit manages to come up with its further developments as from Pro and Baic versions, following by specifically designed versions for a specific industry. These multiple service providing software started getting attention over time.

It released its featured Quickbooks in the year of 2002, which was modified in the following years between 2002 to 2019. Its latest version possess all the qualities that a professional accountants prefer. It is a suitable desktop version, with good specs like sending to customers batch invoices, reminders for payment are automatic, one can add PO number in the subject of email, columns can be manipulated, and many more.

International Perspective

The versions are vastly distributed in the market of different domains. There are unique specs based on the requirement of that area or the type of business. In Australia, Canada, and England, the Intuit has provided a tax calculation system as per their country. For instance, In Canada, PST, GST, or HST are workable, whereas, in England, VAT is used. And the sales tax for Australia is GST. Furthermore, it is also dispersed to the region of South Africa and Ireland. However, only the United States of America can access its Mac Version.

Why is it Gathering So Much of Attention?

Interestingly, it has got a great deal of attention in the market due to its unique and advanced features which make the accountants save their time and manage their data properly. Among its interesting features include;

1. It has capability for remote access

2. It provide assistance for remote payroll

3. It has easy functioning email system through Outlook Express and MS Outlook.

4. It can quickly make payments online

5. It includes location track with the help of Google Maps

6. You can import your data from MS Excel

7. You can track the extra time an employees gives

8. Through this, your electronic funds are pre-authorized

Nevertheless, it is a quick, easy, and compact software with highly advanced specs. Although, there are its types one should consider while buying the product as it varies as per the number of people going to use it. You might also show your concern about its cost. The license of Quickbook Pro is worth $299.95. This can be bought from the website of Intuit, or one can also see other places, but make sure you get to have a perk of discount if you buy from the Intuit website.

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