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Data Ladder Reviews: Standardize your Business Data with these Super Data Quality Tools

If you have a business, chances are that you would already know what data ladder is. If you’ve already been reading some great data ladder reviews, you would know that it’s a data quality software company that specializes in data quality tools and is dedicated to assist businesses and IT (Information Technology) companies with data cleansing and other related services like sorting or finding any duplicate data through data matching, data profiling, etc.

While the company offers a diverse range of products, their flagship tool, the Data Match Enterprise is a rather promising software offering 5% to 12% extra matches than its adversaries like IBM and SAS based on data ladder reviews by 15 different studies. The company has been a part of the research study for Gartner Magic Quadrant on data quality vendors in 2013 and has been recognized for the same. Several research projects make use of these software tools that includes a study on entity management systems by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a project with the Connecticut State Department of Education for a P20 WIN.

According to the company website, from matching millions of records using its fuzzy matching logics, to converting a complicated data set of a product using semantic mechanism, Data Ladder’s products serve the businesses and IT sectors with an unparalleled service.

The products are simple and easy to use making the data cleansing and matching process much easier. This helps the organizations manage their data effectively and draw profit. Let’s a take a quick look at the products.

Data Match 2017

If the primary concern of your business is to identify duplicate records and matches, then the budget-friendly Data Match is the ideal choice for you. This is a complete toolkit that helps your business to identify duplicate records, perform fuzzy matching, or standardize. Based on Data Ladder Reviews, Data match offers over 1 million records, multiple algorithms, and multiple address libraries with zip codes, nick names, gender, and more.

Data Match Enterprise

This, as discussed above, is the company’s flagship product and is a popular record cleansing product. This software suite is specially designed for enterprises that aims to resolve quality issues related to customer and contact data with its eminently visual desktop data cleansing application. The software suite effectively identifies phonetic, incorrect, fuzzy, and shortened variants using several solutions and algorithms.

Data match enterprise is known for its flexible configurations that help in identifying and removing duplicate data, links records, improves, extracts and regulates business and customer information. If you are looking to link customer data, merge information over multiple sources, eliminate or reduce non-essential data, then data match enterprise is the just the right fit for you. With it’s quick and easy precision you would soon experience an enhanced marketing performance and mailing execution. It also helps businesses to automate the daily maintenance tasks using its API.

Benefits of Data Match Enterprise based on Data Ladder Reviews

  • Has exceptional ability to match speed and accuracy for data cleansing at enterprise level that outperforms its competitors. In fact, it’s accuracy and speed are highest among the industry.
  • Offers superior level of matching accuracy with patented matching algorithms on Desktop or Laptop hardware at lightning fast speeds.
  • Offers big data capability with data sets including 100 million records.
  • Unique potential in acknowledging errors.
  • Easily manageable and convenient to use.
  • Has the potential to consolidate accurately within the database.
  • Removes duplication and Merge Purge from any number of files.
  • Keeps the existing customer database or the Do Not Contact numbers from the marketing list in check.
  • Develops data warehouses using state-of-the art record linking system.
  • Data quality issues are detected and fixed within the first 5 minutes configuration to enhance match quality using Quick Data Profile tool.
  • This software can build the perfect connections using any type of structured record.
  • Verifies address with geocoding.
  • The software suite even helps in correcting any addresses saved in SQL,  dBase, Oracle, ODBC, Excel, and SQL.
  • The toolkit has the capability to deal with recurrent issues for instance, spelling mistakes or a huge redundant database.
  • Offers continuous updates without any interruption and indexes real-time.
  • The software toolkit offers precise information despite insufficient records in the database.
  • Data match enterprise ensure user’s privacy using on premise solution.

Therefore, using Data Match Enterprise software helps your business stays up-to-date with a clean database. The toolkit is highly efficient to perform the cleaning process quickly and effectively.

Product Match

Semantic technology is the pride of Data Ladder using which it’s helping many medium to large business to maintain their data quality. If your business demands data management for marketing purposes contributing to its growth, Product Match can help you manage your data more conveniently and efficiently.

Data that is disorganized gets automatically unmanageable in a short time and unfortunately is devoid of accuracy. This may lead to customers miss important information needed to run the business in an efficient manner. Thus, using this software suite you can be rest assured that your disorganized data will be set right, and your data quality, data consolidation, and the data control functions will be managed.

The software identifies and converts challenging and complex data from several sources with the help of the semantic and machine learning technology. While, data integration is much more efficient with the provisional recognition tools, Product Match will ensure that your data is set right by cleaning it up to merging them all.

If you are a first-time user and not so acquainted with data quality tools, you would know how easy it is use this product by Data Ladder. Disorganized data can lack in accuracy and clarity, and gets unmanageable in no time while leaving the customers miss on important information required to run a business efficiently. This software suite automates the formation of authentic data for your business using semantic technology that converts disorganized data into meaningful systematized information.

According to Data Ladder Reviews, the products offered by this company helped reduce use of outsourced services by 80%, saved time for manufacturers by attaining 95% match rate in not even one hour, helped organizations to reduce the volume of part records in their supply from 6,50,000 to 50,000, and attained an increase in online sales conversions by 18% by enhancing the product classification and regulation.

From organizing your market research data or maintaining large number of product data to rectifying huge amounts of data in much less time, the Data Ladder data quality tools offer quick, easy, and seamless clean-up, integration, and management of the most complex data. So, get your data quality tool today and manage your product data efficiently.

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