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Futuristic Hospitals [Infographic]

Many of the world’s leading hospitals are continuing to make profound changes and improvements to healthcare that no one would have dreamed possible a decade ago. Using the latest technological advances combined with science, these hospitals are bringing new hope to both medical staff and patients alike.

The infographic below takes a look at some of the most futuristic hospitals, where high tech medical care and state of the art equipment is advancing healthcare practices and techniques across the world.

Smart rooms and custom designed digital operating theatres are being introduced and used more and more to give the best care and treatments to patients. Wireless technology is being used to transmit patient’s vital statistics and other crucial information to electronic medical databases, while intra-operative teleconferencing is enabling doctors to communicate with pathologists without having to leave the room.

3D scanning equipment is becoming the norm for helping to detect medical conditions, such as breast cancer, earlier, while doctors in Germany doctors made the headlines after using pioneering procedures to remove a tumour from a patient’s liver with the help of an ipad.

As techniques and technological advancements continue to make huge strides within the medical profession, the way medical staff work and patients are treated is altering the face of healthcare beyond all recognition. These life saving and life changing treatments are giving patients better survival and recovery rates which would not have been plausible a few years ago.

Read on to discover more about Futuristic Hospitals and how they are changing healthcare across the world.

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