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Key software solutions for to enhance small business performance

Anyone embarking on a quest to establish a new business will most certainly be fired with enthusiasm. You will also be prepared for the most obvious hurdles lying ahead. While there are software solutions to many potential issues, these are often very expensive, or targeted at big companies with features irrelevant to smaller enterprises. Fortunately a lot of providers are now switching their attention to small-scale operations, modifying product specs accordingly. So if you’re setting up from scratch, here are software solutions worth bearing in mind.


Entrepreneurs are understandably focused on the nuts and bolts of transforming business ideas into a workable plan. But while any commercial enterprise will have daily operations to perfect, the less glamorous admin side will need equal attention. If you are dedicating a lot of your own energies and personal finance into your business, chances are you won’t have the resources to employ expensive accountants or financial advisors. But you don’t have to. An ideal accountancy solution is QuickBooks.

There is good news and bad news about this ubiquitous and well-respected bookkeeping software. It is affordable compared to many similar solutions. The downside is it takes a fair bit of getting used to if you are completely new to the concept. But there are numerous training options available, including online tutorials. And where would your business ambitions be if you weren’t prepared for some hard graft in order to be able to take full advantage of everything the program has to offer?


Assume your business has reached a point in an upward trajectory where you are starting to expand and advertise for extra staff. Training them up will be a priority, but there are many other aspects you may well not have previously considered. After all, in larger companies entire departments are focused on Human Resources (HR) issues.

Zenefits is a software program that bundles together a range of HR functions. Everything from managing benefits to processing payrolls is placed at your fingertips, ensuring these vital tasks never become too onerous and can be efficiently dealt with. One particularly powerful feature of this software is that it allows you to track employee details for staff who have been contracted as well as those on your official payroll, with Zenefits keeping everything under one umbrella.

When I Work

When it comes to maintaining efficiency in working practices, scheduling is a hugely important component. Whether you are booking in customers or juggling the hourly rates of your various personnel, this is another number-crunching process where help is readily on-hand with When I Work – and unlike hard copy methods, computer programs are not prone to human error.

When it comes to the daily management of a small business, allocating jobs can be a logistical nightmare, especially when you have to rely on finite resources. But just as individual enterprises can benefit from being part of the best affiliate network, the performance of each one can be boosted by streamlined scheduling. Because When I Work allows everything to run as smoothly as possible it actually cuts down on the employee absences that are often such an organizational headache in the first place. The software gives your staff an overview of shift patterns and offers the facility to request time-off in real time.

Nor is this software solution too taxing on your budget as payment is made by subscription, with a fee tailorable to the staff numbers being scheduled. Anything up to 20 employees can be managed in this way for around $29 per month, which seems a very reasonable return for the degree of efficiency When I Work will introduce to your business operations.

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