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ARA Blocks Brings the Blockchain to Content Hosting and Sharing

The blockchain technology has already brought several benefits, well known for the most part, but still baffling is the amount of areas that it can be implemented on. These are areas that affect our lives, physical and digital. By extension, they can represent a huge evolution in our society – with the potential of blockchain being one of the most impactful technologies in the recent past.

One of the fields that can and will be strongly impacted is hosting – one of the pillars of blockchain technology is its decentralization, meaning that information is not stored in the same place. This makes it easy to imagine just how different content hosting (and sharing) would be, if blockchain was used.

Now, thanks to ARA Blocks, there is need to imagine it anymore. This company has a new vision for the way media is shared, consumed, and monetised through the blockchain, and part of it consists in eliminating the middlemen, represented in those large corporations that do not protect consumers or content creators.

With the use of ARA and the blockchain technology, creators have the ability to directly distribute the content they create to the people consuming that content, resulting in the avoidance of payments to those large corporations, as well as other transaction fees. With ARA creators really are the owners of their content, and they can safely withhold their ownership rights and full control over that content.

The ARA platform has two main components: the ARA id, which gives content creators all the power, and the ARA Protocol which, being based on Ethereum, allows the full tracking and management of payments (without the need for traditional banks) thanks to smart contracts (which also allow for creators to launch a decentralized content license).

ARA also the establishment of rewards, given to the users for participating and seeding content. To see where the platform is going, do take a look at its roadmap, which is available in ARA’s homepage.

With ARA, the process of content distribution is really simple: creators publish it in the ARA network, users discover and purchase this content through ARA’s marketplace, and users themselves host the content on their machines, and are rewarded for doing so. The decentralization provided by the blockchain technology promises to make the live of creators really easier, as they can now cut middlemen-related costs and completely be in control of the distribution process.

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