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DesignBro Makes Design Services Easy to Get and Afford

Many business owners still find it difficult to realize the importance of design in a company’s communication and, because of this, they end up leaving that fundamental part of the business in the background. In the end, this can end up costing a very high price, because of the negative impacts the lack of design quality can bring.

Speaking of “price”, it can very well be a reason to explain why that happens. In addition, it is sometimes hard to access these services, as they are not exactly the most known and publicized. Luckily this is changing at this very moment, with the appearance of a marketplace focused on design, which brings designers closer to clients: meet DesignBro.

It is the work of Christiaan Huynen, a professional with many years of experience in the design industry. In his own words, the online market of design services is not well developed, and its prices are far from being appellative:

“There is lack of quality in the online design contest market, they bombard clients with too much choice, but very little they can really choose from. On the other hand, to hire a design agency is unaffordable for many SME’s. DesignBro will deliver an agency quality design for the freelancer’s price.”

DesignBro lets users present what their need and the budget they can allocate to that specific project. Then, designers (who are handpicked and reviewed by DesignBro) who want to take on the job reply with ten different propositions, from which clients can choose. The process then takes its regular course, in a serious and transparent way, to ensure both parties are always informed and up-to-date on the project’s evolution.

With the way it works, DesignBro can be an important vector so that everyone can get access to design services in an easy and cheap way. Companies that really stand out from the competition are those who view design as a competitive advantage and use it as a strategic element in communicating their business, something that DesignBro can be quite helpful in.

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