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The Time Is Now For Apps and Small Businesses [Infographic]

In 2017 even a small business with a mobile friendly website is falling behind the trends, as data suggests that mobile user prefer the app experience to using their phone’s web browser. While an app might not be useful for all types of business, online and offline retailers, those who provide a service and/or take booking, and even content based businesses, can benefit from developing an app for their users.

Just under half of all US millennials shop or buy services on a weekly basis via mobile, according to a new infographic from Generation Y is only slightly lower at 40%. This is a significant portion of the population and up to 62% of businesses recognize this and already have an app (or at least are developing one). It’s also a money maker. The data suggests revenue from mobile apps is around $58 billion annually, and this is expected to jump to $77 billion for 2017.

At its core, the key reason to launch an app for your business is because people want one. In the modern age this is just one way people regularly interact with businesses and failing to jump on board is tantamount to never upgrading paper systems to computers. This modern medium also allows for a direct line to your customer that has never before been possible. This is utilized via push notifications that will appear at the top of their device, a device that most people carry around 24/7!

If developed with care and backed with great customer support, providing an app will significantly improve brand trust and loyalty. Of course an app has to be functional and can set you back as much as $25,000. But in the long run it’s worth it.

For more on why small businesses are jumping on the mobile app band wagon, make sure to check out the full infographic from

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