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Facebook: 7 Insane Facts [Infographic]

If ever there was a social site dedicated for the exchange of ideas and thoughts it would have to be on www Facebook com without a doubt.

The site is huge!

In fact:

Over one billion human beings regularly engage Facebook on a consistent basis!

Think about how insane that is!

I mean what else has that massive of a following?

There’s a great deal of languages available for use on Facebook including:

The language “Pirate!”

No, we couldn’t even make this up if we tried.

Even out at sea people like to check their social media account, too!

Get this:

Not everyone on Facebook is actually alive.

Approximately 30 million users on Facebook are dead!

And that number is only continuing to grow every day!

Facebook is addicting.

In fact:

A blogger actually hired someone to slap him every single time he logged on to his Facebook account!

The struggle is real when you have to resort to such extreme measures.

Get this:

The average user on Facebook spends well over 40 minutes a day checking their account and the rest of the site on Facebook.

Can you imagine investing that much time into anything else?

Heck, you’d probably win the Noble Prize or something equally extraordinary.

Here’s the truth:

When it comes to social media, no one is as massive as Facebook.

It’s not even close!

Facebook commands over a quarter of online traffic during peak periods from uploaded data on mobile phones!

That’s absolutely staggering to even conceive of such a possibility.

Yet, with Facebook that’s the reality!

It’s not over yet.

Here are some more insane facts on Facebook that are sure to numb your mind right here:

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