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Building A Referral Network for Your Business [Infographic]

While in business school, we’ve been taught of different ways to grow our business. These techniques often include setting up operations in a new location, diversifying product and service offerings, targeting a new market, and merging with or acquiring another business.

But aside from these, many business owners don’t know – or disregard the value of one method that can surely bring their business to a whole new level: building a referral network.

Even though this method has been used by many business owners and marketers for decades, it’s effectiveness in providing more opportunities to a company is still incomparable these days. In fact, it has become more effective, all thanks to a plethora of new digital platforms available today, such as the internet and social networking sites.

For beginners, a referral network means a group business owners and professionals who mutually benefit from each other by promoting each other’s products and services that is very much effective in adding value not only to your business but to your customers as well.

If you want to learn how you can build your referral network, check out the infographic below from Business Coaches Sydney which discuss four simple and actionable tips that will help you create your own referral network today.

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