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How Great Companies Utilize Social Media

When used the right way, social media can really catapult a company’s success and profits. While it’s nice to randomly add pictures on your personal profile, you can’t get away with that on the company’s profile. The companies that use social media with excellence are intentional and create strategies. They monitor the numbers through analytics programs and readjust their strategies based on the responses they receive. If you’re a company that wants to utilize your social media platforms well, you should start by implementing the follow tactics.

1. Add a ‘like’ button.

Make it easy for a company to follow you. Your customers shouldn’t have to guess what your social media handles are. Just like you’d include your phone number and website address within your company branding, add your social media handles. Within your website, create a blog. As you share blog posts on social media, they’ll probably get reposted and shared multiple times. As the blog posts gain traction and new views, make sure there is a button that makes it easy for people to click and follow your page. It’s also great to tell people to like the page. People are normally good with following instructions once they’re reminded.

2. Emphasize the comment section.

When people post comments, it provides social validation. It shows other people that there is an active conversation happening and that people find your company interesting enough to comment. If you take a look at some of the companies that do social media well, they normally place their comment section where others can see it. For example, on a blog, place the comment section closer to the top of the post with a drop-down box. When you put the comments before the content, this reinforces the importance you place on your customers. Before you share the information you have, you want users to see what others are saying about the content. This is a good thing because it shows the trust and confidence you have in your brand and what it stands for. Facebook doesn’t allow you to place a comment section in the place of your choosing, but it does allow you to enable reviews, which can be even more valuable. For example, skin care company Nu Skin has almost perfect reviews on its Facebook page. These NuSkin reviews give potential customers confidence that they are purchasing a good product and give potential employees assurance that it is a good company to work for.

2. Create clever and engaging content.

In order to get comments, you’ve got to have something interesting and engaging to share. Start with a fun social media campaign. The right campaign can go viral and really take on a mind of its own. Take a look at the ALS challenge that was produced by the ALS foundation. It raised money for the people who suffer from ALS. It also raised awareness and took the world by storm. Even if your content doesn’t go viral, start a campaign that piques the interest of your target audience. Use hashtags and encourage your followers to post relevant pictures and tag the company in them. Know how to repost on instagram the best ones. As you gain traction and more people post about your company, you’ll get free advertising and social validation.

These three tactics will put you in a good position to succeed. Once you implement these strategies, the goal is to become visible. In order to remain visible, you’ve got to become consistent. Never compromise consistency when you’re working on social media strategies. This is because the pace of social media is so quick and it’s easy to become irrelevant. Stay on top of the trending topics and do your best to remain responsive to customers. Before long, your company will be known as one that utilizes and harnesses social media well.

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