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Published on April 18th, 2017 | by Diogo Costa


What Happens in a Day Inside the Mobile Tech World?

Everyone is aware that the world of technology moves at a really fast pace. New stuff keeps appearing all the time and, around the world, the clock does not stop ticking – people use computers, perform searches, buy new gadgets, and so on, in a never ending cycle.

Rather than just guessing what happens, AppInstitute actually crunched the numbers on a nifty new website, where visitors can see what happens in the mobile-related world within a specific time frame thanks to a real-time infographic. There is a clock starting at 00:00:00, updating the stats as it goes. Users can jump to specific times, as 1 hour and 1 day.

Within 24 hours, 5 billions of searches are made in Google from mobile devices, resulting in almost $140 billion in Google Ads revenue. In terms of smartphone sales, more than 4 million devices all sold worldwide – Samsung leads the race with a little over 836,000 smartphone sold every day.

Regarding online payments, 3.84 million products are sold via mobile devices from Amazon marketplace sellers, and 181 million payments are made via PayPal. Nearly 1.3 million rides are ordered by Uber on a daily basis, and more than 92,000 flights are booked on mobile devices in the United States alone.

In the social media world, Facebook features some staggering numbers, as one might expect. There are 2 billion likes coming from mobile devices each day, and 700 million users access the social network from those devices. From other social networks, we have 760 million Snapchat pictures are shared worldwide, 415 million new tweets and 99 million hours of YouTube video are watched.

Now moving to the realm of mobile apps, Android beats iOS to the punch, with 151 million daily downloads vs 82 million coming from Apple’s app store. As expected, games dominate the stats, with 54 million downloads overall, closely followed by business, education and lifestyle, respectively with 29, 22 and 20 million downloads.

Last but not least, we have stats about the most traditional forms of communication. Within 24 hours, 59 billion emails are opened on mobile devices, and 18 billion SMSs are sent worldwide.

The infographic put together by AppInstitute is really quite informative, giving us a clear picture over what goes every day related to mobile devices, worldwide. It can also be useful for marketers, to get a clearer vision over the most valuable channels, and therefore giving the best clues over where to put their stakes.

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