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How Our Military Keeps America Safe with AC to DC Converters

In today’s world, there is no doubt the United States military is depended upon to keep America safe on a number of fronts. Whether it’s dealing with a conflict abroad or thwarting terrorist attacks within our borders, our soldiers use high-tech equipment each and every day to perform their duties. However, it’s important to remember that all of that high-tech equipment relies on a variety of electronic components in order to perform at peak efficiency. Of all the components that go together to create various types of equipment, perhaps none are more important than AC to DC converters. Whether it’s the latest fighter jet, sophisticated radar units, or missile systems, these military power supplies serve a variety of purposes that help keep the U.S. military the strongest in the world.

Harsh Environments

As any soldier can attest, the battlefield can be unforgiving when it comes to the weather conditions that may be encountered. Because of this, an AC DC power supply must meet a number of requirements that make them able to withstand virtually any environmental situation. For example, since many battles take place on terrain that is quite mountainous, vibrations and shock can be a common occurrence for tracked and wheeled military vehicles. To accomplish this, the AC to DC converter not only meets certain manufacturing requirements such as MIL-S-901, but also must pass vibration stress tests including MIL-STD-167. By passing these tests, tracked and wheeled vehicles can have weapons systems that can withstand shocks from on-board power installations. In addition, these military supplies are able to operate on a wide range of AC input line voltage, allowing them to be used anywhere in the world without any complications associated with finding a correct voltage selection.

Mission-Specific Requirements

Whether on a military aircraft, naval vessel, or armoured vehicles, AC to DC converters are especially useful in letting soldier’s complete mission-specific requirements. One of the biggest benefits of these military power supplies is the ability to withstand high-impact shocks and heavy condensation. Because of this, they are relied upon to power battlefield generators as well as power weapons and navigation systems on ships and aircraft. Along with these benefits, soldiers rely on these supplies to give them uninterrupted power sources during extended military operations. Helping to prevent data loss, keep batteries charged, and provide surge protection, these converters play a vital role in missions involving special operations troops, as well as battles that involve constant location changes and differing weather conditions.

Short Circuit Protection

In situations where moisture and humidity may play a major role in the ultimate success of a mission, the AC DC power supply is always equipped with short circuit protection. With each unit protected against short circuits of any duration, the output voltage is automatically restored once a short circuit is removed. This technology has been used more and more in military drones, which are relied upon by all branches of the military to conduct reconnaissance as well as bombings on hard-to-reach targets. With many converters weighing only two pounds or less, they are easily integrated into high-tech equipment that is becoming smaller and smaller, enabling soldiers to use these systems in more and more operations.

Aeronautical Equipment

Because the U.S. military has become more involved in operations that utilize aeronautics in virtually all missions, it’s vital to have military power supplies such as AC to DC converters that are able to withstand the stress associated with rocket lift-off and propulsion, along with the extreme cold associated with putting equipment in outer space. Considered to be very durable components of complex electronic systems, these power supplies are used in spy satellites, rockets, and other types of aeronautical equipment. Considered an increasingly important part of the U.S. military, spy satellites rely on these components to keep soldiers safe and gather important information on enemy operations.

Quick Deployments

When conflicts arise, soldiers need the best possible equipment as quickly as possible. Because of this, an AC DC power supply is now able to have a faster design cycle, meaning it can be finished and deployed in a short period of time. In recent years, this has become increasingly important to the United States Navy, which has been busy developing the latest nuclear-powered submarines and stealth destroyers for tomorrow’s battles. By using distributed systems rather than centralized ones, the converters can deliver large amounts of power in a shorter time frame. In doing so, it’s easier to provide power to multiple isolated sources.

As military operations and the equipment used in battle continue to become more dependent upon high-tech components, these and other power supplies are vitally important to helping protect soldiers wherever they may be. Because of this, it’s clear companies such as Abbott Technologies will be relied upon to produce the parts needed to keep America safe.

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