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Why are EV SSL certificates important for startup e-commerce business?

Perhaps, there is hardly any need to illustrate the importance and need of SSL certificates for any online business, as we all know how crucial it is to secure your online business that contains confidential information with the right SSL certificates. With the advent of digitization and online businesses flourishing at a grand level, the threats and the danger of hacks also come in the kitty with this blessing. To conquer this, it is essential for the e-commerce businesses to be alert and proactive in securing their data and their customer’s data from malicious activities.  For this, there are different types of SSL certificates that an e-commerce website uses for data encryption and security depending on the type of online business they are running. One such certificate is EV SSL certificate! The agenda of this article is not to discuss  SSL certificates only, in fact, we will learn about EV SSL certificates and their importance, especially for start-ups e-commerce businesses. The further read will go like below

  • What is an EV SSL certificate?
  • How to figure out that a website is using an EV SSL certificate?
  • What are Benefits/advantages of having EV SSL certificate for your start-up e-commerce business?

What is an EV SSL certificate?

In literal terms, an EV SSL – Extended Validation SSL Certificate is one of the effective and trusted security certificates for e-commerce businesses. When installing this certificate triggers a green padlock and turns the URL of the website into a green address bar. This green padlock depicts website owner’s legal entity and the name of the organization in the browser’s URL.

Statistics shows that there will be a swell of more than 1 million online buyers for the coming years (by end of this decade). Thus when it comes to an e-commerce industry and security arena, no chance should be taken as this security breach area is quite vulnerable to an e-commerce business. Therefore, instigating an EV SSL will offer one of the robust and guaranteed versions of security to the website owner, but for this, there is a globally standardized verification process that the website owner has to undergo (it is easy). Moreover, EV SSL Certificate offers the highest degree of security including 256-bit encryption strength and multifarious cryptography technology which is hard to crack or deterred by hackers.

How to figure out that a website is using an EV SSL certificate?

Although, it is quite easy for the user and for the website owner to identify that an EV SSL certificate is now being installed and is in use successfully, but on the other hand there are few explicit visual cues that alert the user that an EV SSL certificate is now in full use on a website. To further make it clear, have a look at below four things that would appear in all the major browsers when an EV certificate is installed –

  • You will see a green color in the address bar
  • You will see the company name and the padlock in the address bar
  • https:// at the beginning of the address will be seen
  • You will find the company’s information in the certificate details

What are Benefits/advantages of having EV SSL certificate for your start-up e-commerce business?

Without wasting time, let’s directly have a look to some of the reasons of getting an EV SSL certificate for your start up E-Commerce business

“I’m happy to build loads of immediate trust and credibility to my start-up”

Indeed! This is one of the happiest feelings for a website owner who runs an e-commerce business and is just a start-up. Let’s face it your company is budding and doesn’t have a huge customer base, loyal visitors, continuous flow of online shopping, strong reputation and etc. Now, one wrong decision can ruin your trust factor in the market as the online industry is full of competitors as well and one bad impression can lead to disastrous results. SO, to beat this, you have a chance to install an EV SSL certificate to your e-commerce website.

Undergoing thorough a validation process for an EV SSL certificate, your website will exhibit the instantly recognizable trust indicator “The green address bar with the padlock and your company’s information will ordain your e-commerce start-up business immediately. Isn’t it superb?

“It is fantastic to get improved SEO Rankings for my start-up”

It all initiated in August 2014 when Google first pronounced that HTTPS is a ranking signal for security and SEO.

Since then there was a regular warning for getting https done for the web pages for better SEO rankings and secured online business. Again in December 2015, Google announced the same notion of indexing system to get HTTPS pages. Talking about this small brief is in relation to the recent https update (launched in January 2017) for Google’s chrome and all the other major browsers to get https strictly for e-commerce websites.

This designates the importance and correlation of having an EV SSL certificate for better SEO rankings and search results. The use of SSL Certificates since then has elevated significantly and some experts also suggest that it offer 5% boost in SEO rankings. In order to leverage this fantastic benefit, you just need to buy an EV SSL Certificate, install it and constitute your web server so that every web page is hosted over HTTPS. Don’t feel troubled, there are guides that help you – it’s easy and it’s an instantaneous 5% boost in the search rankings (as per experts).

“What’s more to ask than an amplified and proven conversion rates”

Some recent surveys and studies had shown that there is a considerate increase in sales and in the online consumer habits by having an EV SSL Certificate. You must be wondering, How? And it takes us to our first point of trust and credibility. YES, if you are lucky to have not been victimized by an online dodge, at least you know someone who has witnessed. It sounds crazy, but there are many cases where lots of frauds are happening. To deter it, let’s encrypt the confidential information with an EV SSL Certificate.

So the authentication and the green padlock helps to secure your data, in turn making your e-commerce website safe and secure so that customers can shop with ease. Now, you know how you will get proven conversion rates with EV SSL certificate. Hence, there is no other guaranteed way to prove your authenticity than with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

In nutshell, EV SSL certificate is the right choice to show your customers that you are indeed genuine. Thus, adding an EV SSL Certificate to your website is a legitimate step for a business to enter the world of the E-Commerce industry.

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