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The basics of writing a professional email [Infographic]

Email is a modern phenomenon – and it takes a lot of time and understanding to deal with it! In the old days, most people would think twice or three times before writing out a letter, putting it in an envelope, and taking it to the post office. The effort involved in letter-writing meant that you would put serious thought into whether it was truly necessary, or if there might be a more appropriate way to communicate in that particular instance. Today, we tend to write and click ‘Send’ on an email before we even realize we’re doing it. No wonder everybody’s inbox is so full!

What it does mean is that if you want to make an impact with the next email you send then you need to compose it with some consideration for the recipient. Before you even start to type, think about what it is you are trying to achieve – would it be better resolved with a quick phone chat, by popping along the office to a colleague’s desk, or even checking the FAQ page on a company’s website?

If email is definitely the right way forward, then at least make sure to be succinct and to the point. Include a short, clear subject line that indicates the urgency of the email, and don’t make it seem more urgent than it is. Sending an email to someone is a way of asking them to take time from their planned schedule to deal with it. Do so with consideration and tact.

Try to begin the body of the email with a heads-up about the message’s purpose, and sign off with a specific call to action so the recipient can easily fathom what’s expected of them. It saves on time and potential misunderstandings for all involved.

Don’t overdo do it on the emojis and please, please remember not to write in ALL CAPITALS – it may be perceived as ‘shouting’!

Those are the basics, but for a fuller guide to how professional email etiquette has evolved and what today’s expectations are, check out this new infographic. Bring your communication skills up to date, and your messages are sure to be appreciated by their recipients.

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