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Top 4 Best Deep Secure Email Services 2020

Are you tired of sharing your data with big corporations? Do you want to make sure that the letters you send or get are 100% protected? All ways lead to our article. Here are the most powerful and top-notch encrypted emailing services that help you to keep messages private and secure.

Let’s roll!


Umail occupies a dominant position. Why? Utopia is not just a secure email provider. It is a decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem with a wide range of tools – from a private messenger to an encrypted WEB browser. But today I want to highlight the secure emailing feature so-called Umail. Which method of encryption does this decentralized system use? All communication is protected by high-speed elliptic curve cryptography while local storage is encrypted by 256-bit AES. Big Brother is powerless to intercept and view your information. Along with advanced encryption, Utopia offers impressive email storage and attachments to about 100 MB.

Hide My Ass

Everyone knows that the Internet is an ideal location for the government and domestic spying. There are so many ways to follow you that we couldn’t list them all on one page. But Hide my ass authors offer a perfect solution for online anonymity problem: HMA Virtual Private Network which gives guarantees that your connection will be encrypted and IP address will be stashed. HMA VPN works on the phone (Mac) and computer regardless of the operating system: Windows, IOS, or Linux. Crazy, huh?

As you understand, Hide My Ass basis is a VPN service, that lets you view the materials blocked in certain regions and provide users with a lot of anonymity on the Internet (the name speaks for itself).

The secure emailing feature is a nice bonus. You get the address that is valid for twenty-four hours, seven days, or twelve months. Plus, Hide My Ass email is absolutely FREE.


My third suggestion for you is Tutanota – a user-friendly email service with an excellent set of features. Tutanota was developed in Germany. As all secure email providers, Tutanota uses end-to-end encryption, which guarantees that you are the only person having the ability to decode your messages. Moreover, we have an extra reason to rejoice. The participants of the project argue that you need any special knowledge about encryption because of Tutanota automatically encrypts all letters and creates public and private keys. Additionally, Tutanota doesn’t log IP addresses. What does that mean? There is not a person on earth who would access to your private key. The formula is simple: your private key is encrypted with your password. Lost your password? There is only one way – to create a new account. C’est la vie.


This secure email service is based in Switzerland. It’s basically got really high data protection laws just because it is made by CERN (or data scientists from CERN). With this email service, you were gonna get end-to-end encryption meaning that if you send an email and that the recipient has the password to that email. Email is essentially encrypted from one area to the other and everything in encompassed in the case. In that email is also encrypted meaning if anyone decides to do an attack. Email is essentially gonna be unreadable. That’s a nice thing. This email service also does provide no logs tied to your IP address at so whatsoever it is fantastic. It looks like a modern and modern inbox design easy to use open-source encryption so you know you can review the code if you need. They are working in your favor.

Secure Email Service: What Is Best?

Now you know our top-4 of encrypted email services. I guess you understand the mission of this smart, convenience, and simple tool is to free your online communication of Big Brother’s control. Moreover, email service can become an excellent alternative of classic Gmail system.

God bless Secure Email Services!

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