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How VoIP technology showers its best blessing on contact center business?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology refers to a series of broadcast skills that make communication over the internet for the department of sales and marketing in a business. VoIP, in daily use language known as Internet telephony, converts voice vibrations to compressed digital signals that translate to Internet Protocol (IP) packets. These IP packets convert these voice vibrations into a regular voice for the users who have regular phones. In core, VoIP allows computer users and businesses to make telephone calls from their desktop computer fitted out with a VoIP phone. Internet telephony offers services and benefits beyond comparison by traditional phones.

VoIP technology includes:


  • Predictive dialer:


A predictive dialer is classier because the phone dialer automatically calls several numbers and only passes a call to an agent when a person has been communicated. This eliminates busy signals, answering machines, etc.


  • Progressive dialer:      


Progressive dialer passes the call information to the agent at the same time the number is being dialed by the phone dialer. The agent usually has a few seconds to view the call information, but cannot stop the call process.


  • Power dialer:   


Power dialer allows phone agents to view the call information prior to the call being placed. The agent can decide not to initiate the call.


  • Voice broadcasting:  


Voice broadcasting delivers a pre-recorded message to live answers and answering machines. If another call status is detected. The phone systems can reschedule the call for a later time. Simple messages can be delivered or the call recipient can be presented with an IVR script that accepts touch phone responses.

Below, there are presented some benefits of VoIP technology which will show the reader that the VoIP technology showers its best blessing on contact center business.


  • Automatically dial call to customers:


You have to list up all your contacts and add them in the system of VoIP technology. Then there will be no headache for you to dial these numbers one by one. Your VoIP technology will dial these numbers one by one in order as listed by you. VoIP call center dialer saves the time of agents and makes them more reliable to company and customers both.


  • Automatically redial missed calls:


There is always a problem in the contact center business that the agents have to face the difficulty of missed calls when they got busy on another call. VoIP technology has these missed calls in its record and re-dial the all missed calls one by one in order. It proves a blessing for the agents and customers feel their importance in the heart of the company.


  • Automatically record the calls of customers:


Calls are recorded to check the reliability and performance of the agents in a business. In old calling system agents had to click the buttons to record calls. Sometimes, they forget to click the button and they miss to record the calls. VoIP technology automatically records the calls when the agents connected. There will be no chance to miss the call recordings.


  • Political campaigns:


Utilize the VoIP auto dialer on arriving at should your voters Furthermore get your message listened toward them. Use robotized phone poles Furthermore, surveys to figure out what will be working to your fight. Convey your message will a large number of your supporters and voters toward special case click.


  • Occasion notification:


Lesvos your clients should recognize something like those approaching occasions of your organization Toward Hosting special case click should your recorded message. Also, your message will be when those eyes for your many clients just clinched alongside a couple seconds.


  • Climate Alerts:


Utilization VoIP auto dialer to inform a large number of individuals something like extreme climate conditions, for example, such that approaching hurricanes, flood, or different disasters.


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