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Finding the Right Size TV [Infographic]

Is a bigger screen size really better? What factors should influence when deciding what screen size to pick?

While budget and space restrictions will play an important role when making a decision there are ways to determine the optimum TV screen size.

The chart below shows the connection between screen size, resolution and viewing distance. Thicker lines represent optimum viewing distances for 4K Ultra HD TV, 1080p Full HD, 720p HD and 480p resolutions.

For example, a 55-inch Full HD TV is best viewed from 7 feet away. At that point, the picture appears as sharp as possible. Moving closer would make the picture look blurry or pixelated and moving further back would make the TV screen appear smaller without any improvement of image quality.

The chart also shows the viewing angles recommended by THX and SMPTE. It is interesting to see that the line of the 1080p recommended viewing angle and the SMPTE recommended angle are very close to each other. This would probably provide a good starting point when choosing a TV: sitting close enough to provide a good experience without requiring a more expensive 4K UHD TV.

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