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5 Top Tech Trends In Kitchen Design

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The robots aren’t coming. They’re already here! Technology is more and more pervasive throughout our living spaces … and mostly in our kitchens. But, there’s no need to fear it. Advances in technology have generally made our lives better. I love the fact that my coffee maker can brew up a perfect cup of java at the touch of a button and that there are refrigerators on the market that know when I’m running low on milk. So, I thought it would be fun to pull together some of the most exciting technological advances available for kitchens now.

The shopping button


The Hiku is a little magnetized device that lives on the refrigerator. As you run out of stuff, you scan the product barcodes into the Hiku’s interface. If you don’t have a barcode, just speak into the Hiku. It will note the product you need to buy and send that information to a shopping list on your phone.

The best brew


Oh sure we already have coffee makers that can be set to a timer. But, this Smarter Coffee can be activated via your smart phone from anywhere. Better yet, you can activate the cleaning cycle from anywhere in your house, too. No more scrubbing!

Start cooking before you get home

Photo: GE Brillion

One of the reasons so many people opt for take-out dinner most nights of the week is because they get home too late to do any real cooking. But, what if you could start it before leaving work? Imagine setting your oven to pre-heat at the right temperature from your smart phone. GE has invented an app that connects to its oven so that you can do just that.

Easy diagnostics

Photo: LG Smart ThinQ

You know when some piece of technology in your home stops working and you search the Internet in the hope of finding the answer to the problem? Now you won’t have to do that. LG has designed an oven that sends diagnostics directly to its tech team. They will either schedule a visit or fix the problem remotely.

The perfect pan


Not sure how long a salmon fillet should cook for? No problem. The Pantelligent Intelligent Frying Pan will let you know. Actually, the embedded sensors will send that information to your phone. The pan will automatically sync to the recipe you’re making and let you know when the pan is hot enough, when to flip the ingredients, and when the food is done.

I have no idea whether or not these technological advances for the kitchen really are worth it, but websites like TechChef have a wide variety of kitchen products reviews for you to check. Time and your own lifestyle will answer that question. But, I do love the creativity that surrounds these products. The fact that someone identified a problem and tried to solve it with technology is inspiring, don’t you think?

What kitchen tech improvements would you like to see?

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