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3 Features to Look For in the Best Web Host Providers

Choosing the right web host providers can be tricky since it is an important foundation that ensures the success of your business online. With so many hosting companies out there and each claiming to have a 99% uptime, knowledgeable support, and unlimited resources, there must be a way to choose the best and make an informed decision. This article explores three critical features you need to consider when choosing a web host provider company.

1) Company Reputation

Overall reputation is one of the best measures of a company in any industry. When a company is genuine and serves its customer well over the years, word gets around. Web host providers have reputations, and if you dig enough, you will find those reputations faster. Ensure that you hang out where webmasters do, for instance, tech forums or the like, and just read. Look for old threads and topics and see what information you can get.

Web host providers who have been around for a long time have many reviews online. Although every review is essential while choosing a reliable host provider, technical support reviews are the most important. Analyzing reviews will help you get an idea about the customers’ support and the quality of services that the company offers to the clients.

In most cases, a customer will be frustrated with a hosting company because of a technical support issue. You will find both negative and positive reviews, which are impressive for a provider since most companies hide negative feedback.

Find evidence from third-party sources to know whether they have earned any website hosting awards. Look for reviews of reliable hosting service providers from tech experts. These experts do thorough research on web host companies considering things like price, security, customer service, uptime, among others. Their reviews are honest and help you make an informed and wise decision when picking a web host company.

2) Customer And Tech Support

According to most people’s opinions, this is a big one. At times for unknown reasons, your system can go down. When this happens, can you get a real person to talk to on the phone? Apart from being available, can they find out what is wrong and fix it or advise you what you have to do to get your site back online?

So, before choosing a hosting company, check out their reputation for customer service. Consider available ways to reach them when you need support- emails, chat, toll-free phone, among others. Ensure that they are available 24/7 so that you can reach them anytime you need help.

Avoid a hosting company that outsources your calls to a third party or keeps you on hold for hours before they can give you a solution. A trustworthy hosting company should have in-house customer support that is well trained on its hosting services and products. And above all, they are accessible. You will be frustrated when you experience 404 and 301 errors, email crashing, or other technical errors, and the customer support is not accessible after 6 pm.

3) Webhost Server Reliability, Server Uptime, And Security

This is a crucial feature to consider when looking for a reliable web-hosting provider. A web host server needs to operate 24/7 to ensure the website is available all the time. You will incur losses if your site goes down, even for a small period of time.

Therefore, it is important to choose web host providers that operate on a powerful server with stable network connections and suitable hardware. Actually, tech experts highly recommend choosing a web host provider with an above 99.5% uptime score. Any web host company with a below 99% uptime score is unreliable and unacceptable for web hosting.

Features like daily back-ups, RAID-protected storage, and bandwidth also determine the reliability of a web host company. Also, a reliable web host server should grow with your website traffic.

Security is vital for any website. It is a feature of web hosting that is most important to everyone. Unfortunately, data breaches and hackers are part of the online world today. That is why you need to choose a hosting company that treats security as a priority. A reliable web-hosting provider should invest in robust firewalls, include SSL certificates in their plans, and offer security software to enhance your website security.

Choosing a web hosting company is not easy. So take your time and weigh all the options. So, consider these three features to choose a reliable host provider to save time and money.

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