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7 ways Technology is used in Health Industry

To say that technology has revolutionized our health sector would be an understatement. The worldwide adaption of gadgets and electronics in medicine has somehow changed the game forever. Who would have thought that one day this science will allow you to manipulate with genes in our body and eradicate diseases that haven’t even showed up yet?

Following are the most prominent changes that have transformed our health industry in the best possible ways:

1. Quality of Life

The biggest revolution that took place was the improvement in our quality of life. Nothing health related is holding us back from living life to the fullest. We can predict health issues, take precautionary measure and even get treatments for things our bodies are not ready for. (Vaccines for new born).

2. Electronic health records

Integrating all your medical history and conditions into one single platform is more efficient than we originally thought. Getting rid of all the separate systems for pharmacy, documentation, order, instructions etc. and incorporating them in one system has allowed a more centralized and efficient patient care architecture. Gone are the days where files were being dumped in storage rooms and it would take a lifetime to retrieve any information. Now it’s all just a click away.

3. Portal Technology

People now days are much more involved in their health issues than they were ever before. The reason? Because online interaction between physicians and patients have made it effortless. You would not find a single person now days who does not have an internet connection, so this is one of the most cheapest and convenient ways to be in touch with your physician. It allows people to be much better educated and aware of their care and knowing this everything gives them a sense of empowerment.

4. Job Opportunities

Advancement in medical technology has not only improvised our personal lives but it has a direct and very positive impact on medical staff and professionals around the globe. Introducing a number of new career choices in the form of technologists have upgraded the employment rate and opportunities to another level.

5. Electronic Gadgets and Machines

Imagine a life without an ultrasound machine? Or a pacemaker? Sounds ridiculous. That’s because we are extremely used to electronic machines playing a key role in our health department. From a simple stethoscope to an MRI machine, technology has incorporated itself so deep in medicine world that it’s difficult to separate the two.

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6. Diagnostics

There was a time when diagnosing a patient was much more difficult than treating them but not anymore. Whether it’s an ECG or a simple blood culture, modern diagnostic gadgets have made this task a piece of cake.

7. Financial Aspects

Studies have shown that introduction of technology in health industry have made our tasks immensely efficient and accurate. This eradicates implementation of inefficient and useless processes saving us a whole lot of money and resources.


Technology has rocked every single aspect of our lives since its introduction to the public but there isn’t an industry in the world that has been affected more than our medical and health industry.


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David Allen, the author is currently working in IT sector and Health Industry.

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