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7 Easy Everyday Drinks That Fight Inflammation [Infographic]

Inflammation is like sugar. A small amount is good, but getting too much of it can ruin things. Acute inflammation is the body’s natural response to fight off outside threats that can harm the body. It becomes harmful when it persists or turns chronic. Research has also linked chronic inflammation to various medical conditions, everything from asthma to metabolic and even mental illnesses.

Things like sleep deprivation, stress and genetics can contribute to inflammation. Experts also report that wrong diet is also a major factor that spurs inflammation. Common foods that are known to be unhealthy, such as refined sugars, fried foods, red and processed meat are also considered inflammation-inducing foods. To make sure your body is free from chronic inflammation, get enough sleep and live a healthy lifestyle.

You can fight inflammation the natural way by switching to a healthier, well-balanced diet. By doing so, you will experience improvement on your overall health and combat major illnesses. Start gradually by incorporating good foods in our meals and switching to better options. For instance, use natural sweeteners instead of refined sugar or make sure to have a daily intake of greens and low-fat dairy.

There’s no need to throw away all the food stocked in your fridge for your body also has to adapt to it gradually. Do not forget to take healthier drinks with ingredients that are known to fight inflammation. In this regard, we take the guesswork out from you by recommending the best every day drink you should consider if you want to live a healthier life.

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