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4 Reasons Why Live Chat Is Becoming a Popular Support Channel

We are headed towards a digital lifestyle day by day as the number of internet users increases manifold each year. Businesses have adapted to this transition by ensuring their online presence is effective enough to bring in huge footfall. For businesses to interact with their online customers, Live Chat is one of the quickest ways of proactively communicating and engaging with customers. It provides the means to answer queries and issues in an efficient manner. Live chat has become popular due to its convenience, real-time interaction and on-the-go availability. Here are a few key factors that have made live chat the new digital front desk:

Live Chat Is Easily Accessible

In this age of internet, live chat is one of the most convenient and easily accessible means of customer support. Live Chat support can be offered both on the business website, social media pages and within a mobile app. The latter makes the portability of this mode greater than its predecessors due to boom of mobile users and internet shoppers around the world. This also means customers can easily find support on whatever device they are using.

Live Chat Has the Quickest Response-Time

Remember the long holds on call whenever you called a customer service helpline? Remember how it took forever to get a reply to your complaint email? This was the case before live chat set the benchmark for new customer care standards. Its capability to dish out prompt replies then and there in real-time makes it the most preferred amongst all other support channels. It has the quickest response-time which eventually helps businesses gain customer satisfaction. A report states that ‘79% of respondents in one survey said they preferred live chat because they received quick answers.’ Hence, immediate resolution of issues is beneficial in matters of urgency.

Live Chat Delivers Customized Support

Whenever an online customer gets in contact with an agent over live chat software, he is interacting one-on-one with a human. This human touch is the most distinctive feature of live chat. Since you are communicating with a person on the other side of the screen, you are bound to receive support that is customized to your specific needs and requirements. Whatever your issue might be, you will be getting real-time feedback on how to resolve it. In a manner of speaking, chat agents act not only as support but also as salespersons and marketers for a business. Their responses can help the business grow exponentially over time because of the opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell.

Live Chat Builds Better Customer Relationships

Front desk operations of any sort are the face of the business and they are the representatives whenever a customer gets in touch. Therefore, hiring skilled support staff or outsourcing to a competent live chat company helps businesses in building better and stronger relationships with online visitors. Live chat can be the frontline that deals with customers and if they are efficient and proactive, they can aid in developing trust and loyalty between the business and consumers. Exceptional customer service is a catalyst for harnessing long-lasting relationships and live chat has the capacity to tap into this potential very efficiently.

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