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Tips to Add a “wow” Factor to Your Website

Website is one of the most important things for any business. No matter what your business is or on what scale it is you need to have a website. Having a website is not the thing the main thing is to have a great website like write my essay. Having a wow factor to your website is also very important but this doesn’t mean to make a fancy expensive website.

You can always add a wow factor by creating a simple, clean yet informative website. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for doing this. Here are some ways to add a wow factor to your website:

  • Make your website consumer friendly: the more complex your website will be the more visitors will run away. No one likes to use complicated things as they have no time to first understand then use and then avail it. It is very important to make your website consumer friendly so that anyone even with basic internet knowledge visiting the website can easily use it.
  • Keep it simple yet attractive: wow factor simply doesn’t mean to have a fancy over website. Even a simple website can have a wow factor. Simple websites are more attractive and simple to use. Make sure your website is simple but it should also be attractive so that visitors can enjoy using it.
  • Make it visually strong: just like first few seconds are important for an interview same is the case with the website. The website attracts the visitors in first 10 seconds, if the visitors will not find it attractive they will move towards another website and will not even bother going through the entire website. Make your website visually strong because that’s the best way to attract the visitors, people love visuals and they are always more effective.
  • Manage your content professionally: website is a place where your target audience will visit to get more information about your brand, your services or your product. It is very important for you to manage your content professionally because it is also linked with search engine optimization known as SEO. SEO helps your business by getting traffic to the website which eventually increases the number of consumers.
  • Try to add new elements: boring websites that people visit every day will never get a wow factor. Add some interesting and new things that are not very trendy so that the visitors can get to experience and see new things that they haven’t seen before. Typical websites that are outdated will never help your business, ask the web designers to come up with some creative ideas.
  • Work on the website speed: people nowadays do not have enough time to spend on your website, they just can’t wait on every single click, so make sure your website does not require a lot of time for using it as this really irritates the visitors. We all hate loadings and buffering so do the website visitors make sure there are not many loadings or waiting process.


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Kate Paul is content writer at Essay Writing Service with essays yard and a web developer working for a renowned web development company since 2000. She started her career in 1993 as a content writer as she loves to read and write.

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