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The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Mobile app Development

If you are planning to develop an application or a website for your company you need to find those who will develop it. There are only two ways to solve this situation: form your own development department or outsource app development to companies like By making this decision you should keep timescales, budget, and your own experience in IT product development in mind. This article will tell you about the benefits of outsourcing mobile app development and also about the possible drawbacks of outsourcing.

In-House Development

Only those hire a static team of the developers on a full-time basis who are building a technical startup to take maximum control of the development process. If you hire your own developers then you will always know that they are doing only your project and are wrapped up in the development process. Of course, here you can talk about greater motivation and loyalty, as you will be doing common goal. Your minimum team set up is:

It’s not necessary to hire everyone on full-time, but it’s essential to gather unacquainted people into a productive team. It will allow your business to achieve bigger results. The main obstacle you will have to overcome is the actual search for the right employees. You will have to spend much time and effort to find a good match. Also you need to consider the expenses related to headhunting:

  • Placing and advertising the in-house position
  • Holding the job interviews
  • HR services
  • Trip allowance
  • Employee’s salary
  • Taxes and insurance payments


  • You discuss and accept the salary with the candidates off your own bat
  • You have stable push: you are aware of everyone’s duties and the team response speed is higher.
  • Working in house the employees are much more dedicated to the project as they haven’t got the side jobs
  • You choose the people and create your own corporate culture, wich is very important


  • It’s not easy to find the right candidates with the particular skills
  • Experienced developers are hard to find and they need to be paid well
  • It’s your responsibility to make a good team for everyone
  • You have to pay the taxes and insurance payments, provide a working spot with the required equipment, pay for vacations, etc.
  • You will have to start recruiting again in order to acquire more employees for startup when it starts to grow

IT outsourcing

If you decide to order outsourcing mobile app development services you get the fully complete and trained team. These will be the people with the clear understanding of project planning and organization. There are companies with large technology stacks and they can involve new developers in the performance of work without any difficulties. This will save you both time and money. You can communicate with them personally (if you are located in the same city) or you can make the video conferences via Skype which is also very effective.

Despite that you will have almost everything done, you will still have certain responsibilities. You need to define the goals and problems, determine the functionality and ways of monetization. In other words, tell your partner how you see the final product and what you are planning to gain from it. Also you should try to be in touch with the team on all the development stages. It will help to avoid disbursements and failures to meet deadlines.

What you need to consider while choosing a development company

The key factors are: price, process and experience

Price. You have a certain budget for your project and you need those who will be able to fit. Also you should define the terms of your contract in advance (hourly rate or fixed price, upfront fees, deadlines). Learn from the mistakes of thousands of clients. Don’t rush into hiring those who cost the least. Not a single respectable developer will work for peanuts. Those who are ready to work on the half of average price most likely will deliver poor quality.

Process. Make sure that you are compatible with a software company. A reasonable IT-partner will take care of the process being clear and interaction being comfortable. The mutual understanding is the key to success.

Experience in mobile application development outsourcing is one of the key benefits. If your partner has an understanding of the field of your business than he can not only develop a custom solution but also share his experience and save you from common mistakes related to realization.


  • Experienced team of professionals
  • You get the “full suite”. You don’t have to search No longer you will have to search for extra employees.
  • The experts from various spheres are at your service
  • The additional resources will be involved on demand


  • Not a single company can be compared with the in-house team in terms of control and responsiveness. On the other hand, if you have managed to establish good communication you can solve any issue.
  • Different corporate culture and the minor dedication to the project.
  • In the same time, the developers can work on side projects
  • There is a risk of failure to get on with each other

What to choose?

  • If the complicated system or SaaS service is your main product and the prime source of income then you won’t make it without in-house development department. But outsourcing will help to expand your capabilities without enlarging your staff.
  • Thinking to develop a complicated mobile app or an eCommerce Website? You should apply to those who specialize on it
  • Planning to develop the system to manage the inner processes in your company? Then outsourcing will make a great fit.
  • If you are running large project you will require the experts from various fields (Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, Ruby on Rails, PHP, etc.). If you are working with outsourcing company you will get all specialists all in once.
  • If you are planning one-time project then outsourcing is the best choice.
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